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ANAFI FPV puts you in the cockpit of Parrot’s revolutionary drone

  • Live video from ANAFI’s 180-degree camera produces thrilling immersion in “Cockpitglasses” headset  
  • Unique FPV modes for aerial photographers combine total immersion with unprecedented control
  • New flight mode and presets and deliver jaw-dropping visuals, creative freedom, and non-stop fun

Rilispedia.com – Parrot, the maker of the ANAFI drones, brings you to new heights in aerial immersion with live, immersive video through the “Cockpit glasses” and the unique 180-degree tilting camera on the fast, nimble and ultra-portable ANAFI FPV drone.

With beautiful and thrilling immersive experiences, in-depth manual controls for piloting and imaging, stunning 4K HDR video, 21-megapixel still images, easy-to-use modes and presets, effortless portability, long battery life, on the go USB-C charging and more, the ANAFI FPV is the rare quadcopter drone that will delight every kind of drone pilot.

Innovation + Immersion: A new “bird’s eye view”

To unleash the ultimate immersive experience, pair your smartphone to the ANAFI FPV with the FreeFlight 6.6 app, place your phone in the included “Cockpitglasses”, place on your head, and take flight. ANAFI FPV’s unique 180-degree tilting camera – with 3-axis stabilisation and 3X zoom — provides an exhilarating view at speeds of up to 31 mph (50 km/h).

ANAFI FPV puts you in the cockpit of Parrot's revolutionary drone (photo: suasnews.com)
ANAFI FPV puts you in the cockpit of Parrot’s revolutionary drone (photo: suasnews.com)

ANAFI FPV’s exceptional user experience relies on a combination of cutting-edge hardware and intuitive software. The brand-new FPV interface in FreeFlight 6.6 resembles a simple, streamlined heads-up display (HUD) found in modern jets, with an immersive, unobstructed view of your aerial acrobatics. Any safety alerts or geofencing limits are automatically highlighted in your field of view.

The main FPV HUD shows contextual information, such as flight speed, direction, altitude and drone location. But with the click of a button on top of the Cockpitglasses, you can easily swap to a minimal HUD interface, so you can fully immerse yourself into the FPV experience. You can even find your ANAFI in mid-air without removing the Cockpit glasses: Switch to See-Through View, and you’ll see live video from your smartphone camera. An overlay shows the exact position of your drone — and if your ANAFI is off-screen, an icon points to its location.

A new in-camera experience: The new standard for aerial photography

The ANAFI FPV is so much fun. The camera experience is a new paradigm for aerial photographers and videographers, providing a unique “cocoon” for immersive photography and in-depth image controls. The full array of ANAFI’s manual camera settings are available in FPV mode – and only when you want to see them.

Photographers can enjoy total immersion in the on-screen image, exploring new techniques for composition – then seamlessly toggle into deep image controls to fine-tune photos and videos. Manual settings such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation, and advanced features such as an image histogram and “zebra” exposure assistance overlay – are customisable and easily displayed by selecting the settings using the button on the Cockpitglasses. 

Fast access to manual settings can also be accomplished with the Skycontroller 3, which supports custom mapping of the right trigger to adjust exposure. 

Capture complex video with ease: New flight mode and presets

Two new flight presets join ANAFI’s plethora of options, designed to help pilots of every level capture stunning videos with ease. Available in FreeFlight 6.6, the new additions allow ANAFI FPV pilots to expand their creativity at the tap of a touchscreen. 

Cinematic preset: You can capture smooth and dramatic footage that looks like you are behind the controls of a glider. The horizontal axis of the 4K HDR camera is locked to the tilt of the drone, and footage shows every majestic bank and turn in your flight.

Racing preset: While the Cinematic preset is built for stable and fluid motion, the Racing preset will get your adrenaline pumping! The horizontal axis is also locked to the tilt of your drone, but this preset is built for speed instead of smoothness. Your videos will have a more-aggressive look as ANAFI bobs and weaves through the air at high speed.

Arcade Flying

Along with the launch of ANAFI FPV, FreeFlight 6.6 will also introduce a new revolutionary flight mode, Arcade Mode. In Arcade Mode, flying is as simple as pointing the camera in the direction you want. The Skycontroller 3’s left joystick controls the camera, which allows you to view in any direction, while the right joystick controls the movement of the drone. By holding forward on the right joystick, the drone will travel in the direction the camera is pointed. 

The new presets and flight mode can also be used in combination to capture stunning results. For example, using the Cinematic preset and Arcade Mode together make it incredibly simple to simulate a “bird’s eye view” as it soars and swoops through the air with smooth motion. There are also helpful tutorials in FreeFlight 6.6 to help novice pilots learn both new modes and become experts. And let your imagination take flight!

Built for anytime, anywhere: ANAFI’s ultraportable drone platform 

Included with the new ANAFI FPV is a brand new ANAFI Backpack, which doubles as a stable platform to prepare and launch your drone right in front of you. That means you no longer need to put your drone down on snow-covered slopes, mud and dirt, or rugged terrain as you prepare for launch.

The new backpack extends ANAFI FPV as the ultimate go-anywhere drone. ANAFI FPV’s one-of-a-kind folding design, lightweight body, and superb battery life with USB-C charging on the go complement its outstanding image quality, easy-to-use modes and presets, versatile manual controls, and groundbreaking immersive experiences.

Pricing and availability

The ANAFI FPV All-In-One Pack includes (1) ANAFI FPV quadcopter drone, (1) battery, (1) Skycontroller 3, (1) Cockpitglasses 3, (1) 16gb SD memory card, (1) USB-C cable, (1) extra set of propellers and (1) ANAFI FPV backpack. The ANAFI FPV All-In-One Pack . The ANAFI FPV AIO Pack is available in Singapore now at S$1399 (including GST) and found at AV One, Lazada (https://www.lazada.sg/shop/av1group), and Vision 1. 

For more information visit www.parrot.com.

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