Home Tek Argrace Unveils New AIoT intelligent space solution at CES 2020

Argrace Unveils New AIoT intelligent space solution at CES 2020

Rilispedia.com – Argrace, China’s leading intelligent space solution provider, launched its latest “Works with Akeeta”, striding a significant step forward in the development of AIoT at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES or “the Expo”) from January 7-10th 2020 in Las Vegas.

“Works with Akeeta” is a visionary concept aimed at leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to connect devices, integrating and analyzing data and providing services to improve homes and communities.

The convergence of AI and IoT is set to redefine the future of industrial automation, delivering intelligent and connected systems. Leveraging the power of technology, Argrace has now built a holistic system to connect communities to homes, and unite different players in and related to the real estate industry. “As a third-party service platform, we want to bring people an ‘ecology’ where a variety of services are available and compatible across all protocols and devices. We hope we can create a future of smart living together,” said Xue Guodong, partner of Argrace.

Akeeta is an operating system developed by Argrace. In August, the company launched AkeetaOS 1.1, five months after the birth of the original version. The update makes the smart interaction between home and communities possible.

At the same time, Argrace unveiled the AkeetaHome&Community (Akeeta H&C) system for residents and operators (property developers and management companies). Akeeta H&C provides operators with access to a wide range of solutions, including design and development of smart strategies, management and control, deployment and maintenance, operation and services, and even sales.

To users, it creates an improved living experience at home and in the community. From security and barrier gate entry systems to internal home management, all are integrated. “Residents can make a smooth entry into the community, enjoying smart car parking, elevator floor controlling, property management,” said Xue.

Part of the “Works with Akeeta” concept is partership-based ecosystem designed to connect the AIoT system, with any device and from all service providers into one platform – Akeeta – an intelligent space operating system, which provides connection, data integration and analysis across major communications protocols, such as WiFi, BLE Mesh, ZigBee and etc.

“Works with Akeeta” provides an opportunity for device companies to ride the AIoT wave and tap into the smart property sector. To date, Argrace has formed collaborative agreements with leading real estate property developers, including Greentown China, Vanke and Country Garden, and world-renowned smart device manufacturers Bosch, Schneider Electric and Dooya.

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