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At CES 2020, AARP Showcases Age-Tech and the Market Potential of Consumers Age 50-Plus

AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins to Highlight Findings from the Longevity Economy® Outlook at Jan. 7 Storyteller StageProfessional Football Hall of Famer Joe Montana to Emcee Jan. 9 Pitch Event on Sports and Staying Power

Rilispedia.com – AARP will showcase innovation in age-tech and highlight opportunities created by the growing age 50-plus market at booth #41131 in the Sands at CES 2020.

“All businesses and entrepreneurs need to recognize the growing economic power and potential of the 50-plus market and help create innovative solutions to empower us to live better as we age,” said AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins. “Across our curated exhibit, pitch event, developer challenges and speaking appearances, we are highlighting the ways that our growing older population is driving $8 trillion of economic activity a year, along with innovation and new value creation.”

Highlights of AARP’s presence at CES 2020 include:

Tuesday, January 7: AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins will deliver a Storyteller Stage address at 1 p.m. PT at C Space at the Aria, along with Samsung’s Vice President for Digital Health Natalie Schneider. Moderated by Forbes’s Marty Swant, Jenkins will discuss AARP’s new Longevity Economy outlook that details the societal and economic contributions of people age 50-plus and related market opportunities.

Thursday, January 9: Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana will moderate a pitch event produced by CTA Foundation, and P&G Ventures and sponsored by AARP. The event will feature startups developing sports/fitness technologies to help people stay active as they age and get back in the game of life after pain, illness or injury. The competition is from 1-2:30 p.m. PT, at the Startup Stage in Sands Hall G.

Throughout CES 2020, AARP’s booth and stage activities will focus on products and information to empower people 50-plus to choose how they live as they age.

Highlights include: 

  • 24 on-stage programs, including new AARP Staying Sharp voice-controlled memory games and discussions with collaborating organizations, such as Howard University, Upward Labs and MassChallenge, about how consumer technology can improve health and wellness for aging adults. 
  • The launch of the Alcove™ playground, a developer ecosystem that makes it easy to build or integrate virtual reality experiences into AARP’s VR platform, Alcove.™ The Alcove™ playground will officially launch during a panel with Rendever on Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 2 p.m. PST. Panel attendees will also have the opportunity to view a live build in Alcove™ playground with Rendever CTO Tom Neumann on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 1 p.m. PST. 
  • The debut of a number of products and collaborations including: 
    • HomeFit AR: an augmented reality app that can scan a room and reference AARP’s HomeFit guide to discover what improvements can be made to turn the house into a “lifelong home” devoid of high safety and mobility risks. 
    • Aidar Health: creator of MouthLab™, a non-invasive, hand-held, home-use ‘Rapid Health Assessment’ device that is designed to measure multiple vital health parameters. 
    • Artiphon: a company that designs smart instruments and apps that helps anyone to enjoy music-making.
    • Embr Labs: the first thermal wellness technology company and the maker of the Wave, an intelligent bracelet to help a user feel colder or warmer by 5ºF.
    • Savo: an app that makes it easier for people to come together and support a loved one. Users can create a task list and invite friends, family, coworkers and other members of the community to volunteer to help.
    • SingFit: an app that’s designed to give speech, occupational and dance therapists an easier way to implement singing experiences that improve cognitive function. 
    • Sana Health: a neuro-modulation wearable that uses pulsed light and sound with the aim of reducing chronic severe pain.
    • VoiceItt: a speech recognition technology that translates unintelligible speech in real-time, with the goal of enabling people with severe speech impairments to communicate by voice.
  • A number of challenges and competitions, including the:
    • Menopause Hackster Challenge: AARP will sponsor the Hackster challenge at CES 2020 focused on the development of non-invasive tech solutions to combat symptoms associated with menopause. The challenge will be announced during a panel focused on tech for menopause on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 3 p.m. PST. 
    • Alcove & Games for Change Challenge: Launching in step with the debut of the Alcove™ playground, AARP and Games for Change will invite developers to create VR experiences that can enhance the quality of life as people age and enable people across all ages to experience simple, beautiful and impactful VR. Select winners and finalists may have the opportunity to have their game published on the Alcove™ platform.
    • Living in Motion Hackster Challenge: In collaboration with the Avnet developer community, Hackster Challenge winners will be available at AARP’s booth to demonstrate the solutions they’ve built for improving mobility for aging adults. 

For more information on AARP’s booth at CES and AARP Innovation Labs visit: aarpinnovationlabs.org.

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