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Audio-Technica Introduces Upgraded ATR Series Microphones at CES 2020

Rilispedia.com — At CES 2020 Audio-Technica is introducing its upgraded ATR Series microphones, featuring improvements such as USB-C connectivity, improved internal A/D converters, restyled designs and other refinements. Ranging in price from US$19.99 to US$149.99, the new ATR Series mics are ideal for a wide range of consumer and “prosumer” applications including streaming, podcasting, recording, live performance and more.

“Our improved ATR Series mics provide better performance and value in their categories than ever before,” said Bob Peet, Audio-Technica U.S. Marketing Manager. “Whether it’s a mic with USB-C mic connectivity, a shotgun mic for video recording or an all-around mic for live and studio use, Audio-Technica offers great-sounding, affordable solutions for content creators.”

The ATR Series microphones are on exhibit at CES 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1, Booth 20648 (January 7 – 10, 2020). The new models include the following:

  • ATR2500x-USB streaming/podcasting/recording microphone (SRP: US$149.00)
  • ATR2100x-USB streaming/recording microphone (SRP: US$119.00)
  • ATR6550x video/recording shotgun microphone (SRP: US$79.00)
  • ATR6250x video/recording stereo microphone (SRP: US$59.00)
  • ATR4697-USB digital tabletop microphone (SRP: US$35.00)
  • ATR4750-USB digital gooseneck microphone (SRP: US$24.99)
  • ATR4650-USB digital surface-mount/clip-on microphone (SRP: US$24.99)
  • ATR3350xiS clip-on microphone (SRP: US$35.00)
  • ATR1500x vocal/instrument microphone (SRP: US$59.00)
  • ATR1300x vocal/instrument microphone (SRP: US$35.00)
  • ATR1200x vocal/instrument microphone (SRP: US$24.99)
  • ATR1100x vocal/instrument microphone (SRP: US$19.99)

In addition, Audio-Technica is introducing its ATR2x-USB 3.5 mm to USB-C digital adapter (SRP: US$19.99), which converts any microphone or headphones with a 3.5 mm (1/8-inch) plug into a USB-compatible device.

The ATR2500x-USB side-address condenser mic is ideal for podcasting, home studio recording, voiceovers and other content creation applications. The ATR2100x-USB cardioid dynamic mic is designed for streaming, podcasting and live performance. Both mics feature built-in USB-C connectivity, analog-to-digital converters with 24-bit depth and up to 192kHz sampling rate for superb fidelity and seamless integration with recording software, and headphone jacks for direct monitoring. The ATR2100x-USB also has an XLR output for use with mixing consoles and other professional gear. Both come with tripod desk stands and cables.

The Audio-Technica ATR6550x shotgun mic and ATR6250x stereo mic enable high-quality audio recording for camcorder and video applications. The ATR6550x offers intelligible reproduction of both close and long-distance pickup, thanks to its Wide/Far switch that optimizes its pickup pattern and directionality. Designed especially for use with cameras, the mic comes with a camera shoe mount and a cable with a 3.5 mm (1/8-inch) connector. The ATR6250x provides outstanding stereo sound for audio recorders as well as cameras, and is supplied with both a camera shoe mount and an interchangeable mic-stand base.

The ATR4697-USB tabletop, ATR4750-USB gooseneck and ATR4650-USB surface mount/clip-on mics are upgraded from previous models with the addition of USB-C connectivity. All feature omnidirectional pickup patterns for full 360-degree sound coverage and come with USB-C to USB-A adapters for greater compatibility between computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices. In addition, the ATR4697-USB and ATR4650-USB come with handy monitor mounts for affixing the mics to a computer monitor.

The ATR3350xiS newscaster-style lavalier mic provides clear, intelligible voice reproduction and is ideal for video use. It is designed for use with tablets, computers and smartphones that have a 3.5 mm (1/8-inch) input.

In addition to the above mics, Audio-Technica has upgraded its ATR1500x, ATR1300x, ATR1200x and ATR1100x unidirectional dynamic vocal/instrument mics with new, more refined appearance. (SRP: US$59.00, US$35.00, US$24.99 and US$19.99).

The new Audio-Technica ATR Series mics are currently available.

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