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Audio-Technica Introduces Upgraded SonicSport® Wireless In-Ear Headphones Including Model with Built-In Music Player at CES 2020

Rilispedia.com — At CES 2020 Audio-Technica is introducing two SonicSport wireless Bluetooth® in-ear headphones. The ATH-SPORT90BT features a built-in music player for the ultimate in on-the-go listening convenience and along with the ATH-SPORT60BT includes a number of useful upgrades from previous models.

The new ATH-SPORT90BT and ATH-SPORT60BT are on exhibit at CES 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1, Booth 20648 (January 7 – 10, 2020).

Both headphones offer a host of fitness-friendly features including IPX5 waterproof-rated construction, a built-in mic and controls for smartphone and portable device operation, and stay-in-place designs that keep them secure even during intense workouts. Both feature improved high-sensitivity drivers for impactful, immersive sound and offer longer battery life along with additional improvements.

Audio-Technica’s SonicSport ATH-SPORT90BT (SRP: US$159.00) has newly-designed 6 mm drivers with a powerful magnetic circuit and dedicated headphone amplifier, to bring high-quality full-range (20 – 25,000 Hz) audio reproduction to listeners with active lifestyles. The ATH-SPORT90BT includes a built-in 4GB music player, making it the ultimate portable music device – no need to carry a smartphone around during workouts. The headphones can also be paired with a smartphone or other Bluetooth device if desired.

The ATH-SPORT90BT provides a customized fit with a choice of four sizes of eartips (XS, S, M and L) plus four sizes of ear fins that secure the earbuds without wrapping around the ears. The cable rests comfortably behind the neck, with a cable slider that allows the user to adjust the cable length and fit. The headphones’ easily-accessible in-line mic and controls enable the listener to answer calls, adjust volume and handle audio playback, and activate a switchable ambient noise hear-through function that gives a choice of hearing environmental sounds for safer use outdoors or blocking them for more private listening.

When not in use, the ATH-SPORT90BT can be secured around the wearer’s neck using magnets built into the earbuds. When the earbuds are placed together, music playback is automatically paused. The headphones’ internal battery provides up to eight hours of listening time when using the built-in music player and up to five hours when used with a Bluetooth device. The ATH-SPORT90BT also offers a voice confirmation feature that tells listeners when various functions are engaged such as power on/off, Bluetooth connection status, low battery level and more. The ATH-SPORT90BT comes with a USB-C/USB-A charging cable and a carrying pouch.

The SonicSport ATH-SPORT60BT (SRP: US$79.00) offers a multipoint pairing function that allows connection to two Bluetooth devices at once. It has many of the features of the ATH-SPORT90BT including high-sensitivity 6 mm drivers for powerful full-range music reproduction (20 – 20,000 Hz), an in-line mic and controls, an adjustable cable, IPX5 waterproof construction, and a voice confirmation function. Its rechargeable battery offers up to six continuous hours of playing time. The ATH-SPORT60BT comes with four sizes of interchangeable eartips and ear fins and a USB-C/USB-A cable.

The Audio-Technica SonicSport ATH-SPORT90BT and ATH-SPORT60BT will be available in spring 2020.

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