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AVIOT Showcases Latest Japan VGP 2020 Award-winning Models at CES 2020

Rilispedia.com – AVIOT, the Gold Award winner of the Japan prestigious VGP (Visual Grand Prix) Award, is participating at the CES 2020 (Booth: Suite 29-125, Tech West, Venetian Suites, Floor 29) and will showcase the award-winning True Wireless Earphones TE-D01d mk2, TE-BD21f, and TE-D01g.

Since the advanced, high performance wireless earphones model TE-D01b was launched about a year ago, AVIOT has consecutively won over 20 VGP Awards and swiftly gained strong recognition in the Japan earphone market. Among the awarded models, TE-D01d mk2 True Wireless Earphones is the latest launch of AVIOT. TE-D01d mk2 went through over 3,000 hours of listening test and tuning based on the opinion of professional sound engineers and artists. The earphones offer superior sound quality that surpasses even wired earphones of the same class, for all range of music from classics to EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

Up to 120 hours of playtime and the feature of the charging cases give convenience for travellers. Wireless charging is possible for TE-D01d mk2 charging case, with Qi-standards charger available in the market. Not only can the earphones be recharged 10 times, the charging case with USB Type-C port can also be used as a portable battery to a smartphone.

AVIOT never stops to innovate for delivering the highest quality of sound. By combining dynamic driver, which has wide reproduction frequency band and low distortion in low-range, with balanced armature drivers, which has high sensitivity, high speed and good reproduction in mid- and high ranges, the hybrid type is deemed to be an ideal speaker structure for earphones. Yet, due to the difficulties of compact size, crossover circuit design, and large power consumption, it is rarely used in wireless earphones. AVIOT mobilized their integration technology and power-saving technology to make downsizing and long playback time possible with TE-BD21f True Wireless Earphones. Equipped with Hybrid driver, TE-BD21f suppresses even the slightest sense of incongruity due to the difference in characteristics between dynamic and balanced armature driver in the crossover band.

The design philosophy behind AVIOT is ‘Japan Sound’. The AVIOT team of audio experts cares about all genres of music, and aims at reproducing the original sound as much as possible with the same idea as in high-end audio. While sound quality is at the core when developing new earphones, AVIOT understands different needs and preferences of customers and hence offers a wide lineup of earphones with different features.

The palm-sized TE-D01g True Wireless Earphones feature a refreshing design with 5 color options. Earphones can now become amazing, stylish accessories for ears. This compact earphones offer playback up to 10 hours, and up to 50 hours when used together with the charging case.

Pricing and Availability

TE-D01d mk2 is now available for pre-order in Japan at MSRP JPY11,500.

The MSRP of TE-BD21f and TE-D01g are JPY14,800 and JPY8,800 respectively.

*The above prices are prices before tax.
Note: Pricing outside Japan may vary slightly.

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