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BENTELER Breaks New Ground at CES 2020 in Las Vegas

  • For the first time, BENTELER is exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
  • At CES, BENTELER has announced its collaboration with Sony, supporting them foster e-mobility solutions.
  • The show is the US premiere for BENTELER’s Electric Drive System (BEDS), a scalable platform solution for electric vehicles.

Rilispedia.com – At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, BENTELER today announced its collaboration with Sony. Sony is a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation in technology. Sony is planning to develop mobility solutions in order to open up new business opportunities. At the show, Sony unveiled a prototype vehicle incorporating various technologies that contribute to safety, reliability, comfort and entertainment in the mobility space. BENTELER’s role is to provide key components for this vehicle.

In addition, BENTELER is also exhibiting the Electric Drive System at the booth of Bosch. BENTELER and Bosch are development partners in the field of e-mobility. In the past months, the two companies have further developed their rolling chassis solution. Both companies are using CES as an opportunity to present e-mobility solutions to new market players, thus lowering the barriers for market entry. Potential new customers benefit from cost-efficient solutions.

BENTELER provides extensive automotive know-how for e-mobility players

“The trend towards electric vehicles is growing rapidly. We use our extensive automotive know-how to support existing and new players in this field,” says Marco Kollmeier, Vice President of the Electro-Mobility Unit at BENTELER Automotive. “We support our customers with innovations such as the BENTELER Electric Drive System. This enables us to help companies open up new opportunities that e-mobility offers them and their customers.”

BENTELER helps accelerate development of Sony’s prototype vehicle

One of the new players drawing on BENTELER´s know-how is Sony. As part of its consideration about contributing to the automobile industry, Sony has developed a prototype vehicle. BENTELER supplied the key components for this vehicle. As a leading global partner to the automotive industry, BENTELER has unmatched knowledge along the entire automotive value chain as well as competence in e-mobility. That makes BENTELER an important partner for developing prototype vehicles such as that from Sony.

Cooperation with Bosch provides customers with proven e-mobility solution

At CES 2020, BENTELER is showing the Electric Drive System for the first time in North America. It will be displayed on the Bosch booth. This scalable platform solution for electric vehicles brings together the expertise of both companies. It is ready for immediate implementation, removing the need for multi-year development and testing cycles by car manufacturers. It combines a number of functions including integrated crash management, flexible and scalable battery storage as well as integrated thermal management. The partnership between BENTELER and Bosch was announced in April 2019.

For BENTELER, it is the first time at CES: The show is the world’s most important technology event. It serves as a global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced, including vehicle technologies such as e-mobility. 

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