Home Tek Beyond brushing –ToothWave™ takes dental health to new level

Beyond brushing –ToothWave™ takes dental health to new level

A mild Radiofrequency wave of charged molecules engulfs the surface of each tooth – superior cleansing, no enamel damage

Rilispedia.com – Silk’n, a global leader in medical aesthetics technology for home use, is bringing innovative technology to the Health & Wellness aisles of CES 2020. With DentalRFä technology inside, ToothWave is the first and only device that removes the most stubborn impurities attached to your teeth, revealing a whiter smile and eliminating the most common cause of tooth decay and gum disease. 

How does DentalRFä work?

DentalRF sends a mild radiofrequency wave of charged molecules that engulfs the surface of each tooth. Those charged molecules in turn destabilize the bonds between the tooth’s surface and the impurities.

With the impurities well and firmly detached from the tooth’s surface, they are immediately replaced by other molecules from the water or the toothpaste in the mouth. These new bonds prevent impurities from re-attaching.

Dental Care for the 21st Century: ToothWave

The bristle toothbrush, invented in China in 3,000BC, entered the digital age in 1939 when the first electronic toothbrush was developed in Switzerland. And it took until 1960 before GE introduced a rechargeable cordless toothbrush.

Today, ToothWave opens the door to a new age at CES 2020 with DentalRFä, the world’s first dental care concept to recognize that brushing, as efficient as it may seem, cannot break the strong molecular bonds that tie impurities to the teeth’s surface.

Clinical tests performed by Salus Research Inc., US, have shown “to produce a significant reduction in plaque, calculus, gingivitis and gum bleeding” and “to produce a significant reduction in stains and to achieve whitening of teeth shade following 6 weeks of brushing”.

ToothWave’s capability to reduce calculus (tartar) is unique and unmatched by any other commercial toothbrush. Other ToothWave capabilities were also significantly greater as compared to a control electric toothbrush. All of these advantages are attributed to the DentalRF technology that is uniquely utilized by ToothWave.

Recently, long-term safety aspects of common dental hygiene routine raise increasing concerns, made redundant by ToothWave – the abrasive effect of mechanical brushing on the teeth enamel, and the potential toxicological effects of free radicals produced by the peroxides used in bleaching products. ToothWave’s mechanism of action simply does not involve neither bleaching chemicals nor vigorous mechanical brushing.

Instead, ToothWave utilizes bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy that streams between two electrodes and over a silicon barrier, and reaches the teeth surface during brushing.

Bipolar RF is an alternating electric current that oscillates at radio frequencies in the range of 20kHZ-300GHz. It has been used in medicine for several decades for many different applications, from surgical to aesthetic, providing various effects, depending on the indications for use of the device and the specific energy parameters used. DentalRFä operates at 3MHz, near the lowest end of the RF spectrum.

ToothWave has been officially approved for sale in China and in Europe, and is in the process of being cleared by the FDA, Health Canada and other regulatory authorities.

Ten years. Ten Million Beautiful Users

Home Skinovations’ founder Moshe Mizrahy: “ToothWave follows in the footsteps of many technological breakthroughs by Silk’n, such as the world’s first Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology for home use hair removal. With over 10 million devices on the market today, we are succeeding to enhance people’s lives all over the world.” 

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