A completely integrated system and active services for cyclist safety are introduced to the market. A landmark high-standard for manufacturers and a new experience for cyclists. Here are the market innovations for 2020

Rilispedia.com – The first ABS system for e-bikes which is perfectly integrated into the bike frame is presenting its latest innovations in active safety for cyclists. Back at CES Las Vegas for the third time is blubrake, the anti-lock braking system that originated in 2015 under the umbrella of e-Novia, the Enterprises Factory. Blubrake has become the new standard in the e-bike market, and today it is a top-level enterprise in the production and commercialisation of its product, which applies the most sophisticated technology from the automotive sector to e-bikes, with the aim of improving the cycling experience and guaranteeing maximum safety for every cyclist. In the event of sudden braking, blubrake’s ABS kicks in, avoiding front-wheel lock and preventing the rear wheel leaving the ground. The system is compatible with all types of electric installations and hydraulic brakes on the market and is completely built in to the inside of the frame of every e-bike model: from mountain bikes to all-road, from urban to trekking and cargo bikes.

Among the companies that will fit blubrake ABS as standard on their 2020 range are: Bulls, an historic German brand that will fit blubrake ABS on two e-mtb full suspended models and on one e-trekking model, Crescent, a Swedish company belonging to the Cycleurope group, which will equip its iconic city e-bike with blubrake ABS, and Trefecta, an innovative speed-pedelec brand. The decision by manufacturers to equip various types of e-bike with blubrake ABS shows its great versatility, which is able to guarantee greater safety on various kinds of terrain.

The founder and CTO of blubrake, Fabio Todeschini, was the pioneer of ‘brake-by-wire’ systems in the automotive sector. A profound understanding of electronically controlled braking-system technology which inspired blubrake to design a system for e-bikes, anticipating future market requirements. “Thanks to a multidisciplinary working-team composed of qualified engineers and product designers, we not only perfected the best-performing ABS system on the e-bike market, but also introduced services for the active safety of the cyclist” commented Todeschini.

e-Novia, the Enterprises Factory

Blubrake is at CES Las Vegas from the 7th to the 10th of January 2020 and can be found at the stand belonging to the Enterprises Factory e-Novia. As an Enterprises Factory, e-Novia’s business model sees it take ideas or intellectual property and use them to form and develop innovative hi-tech companies.

Today e-Novia boasts more than 30 entrepreneurial projects among its portfolio, based on over 40 patents, and was listed by the Financial Times in 2018 and 2019 among the thousand fastest-growing companies over the last three years, and by Inc. among the five thousand fastest-growing European companies.

e-Novia continues to produce significant numbers, from revenue to investments to the number of employees, the number of companies formed, and the number of patents filed.

e-Novia, CES 2020, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 2, Stand Number 26030

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