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C2A Security Enables Cyber-secured Next Generation Vehicles With Overarching Solution for Ethernet Networks

The solution will protect market-new high bandwidth automotive environments

Rilispedia.comC2A Security, a global leader in automotive cybersecurity, announced today its new comprehensive automotive-grade Ethernet firewall solution. This innovative solution includes the industry’s first, overarching structured process for the configuration and generation of automotive IDPS. C2A’s latest network IDPS offering also includes a generic IDPS solution supporting CAN, LIN, and FlexRay networks with cutting-edge security features that can be utilized in a variety of domain controllers and gateway applications. 

With the increasing demand for automated driving and enormous data bandwidths in connected cars, the use of Ethernet is proliferating within modern in-vehicle networks. While allowing us to deal with new bandwidth requirements, Ethernet networks present new cybersecurity challenges and potential risks, consequently requiring automotive manufacturers to integrate compatible cybersecurity measures. These increasing market demands are addressed by C2A’s network IDPS, with a high-performance, software-only, fully-structured solution which results in a lower BOM cost and a reduced footprint.

C2A’s network IDPS solution comprises several SW building blocks on top of existing hardware platforms, such as recently introduced automotive Ethernet switches and routers. It is the first automotive grade Ethernet IDPS solution that offers an overarching structured and automated process for the configuration and generation of automotive IDPS, resulting:

  • System Configuration – For switch and router; as per selected security policy.
  • Hardware Security – Utilizing available hardware capabilities; sophisticated load-balancing with software capabilities.
  • Software Security – Complete package including application-aware network IDPS and optimized, secured operating system.

This is also the industry’s first end-to-end solution, providing a complete software suite that can automatically leverage existing hardware platforms for state-of-the-art Ethernet IDPS solution. This approach is highly suitable for the automotive sector, which has historically strives for standardization and zero-error ability due to extensive supply chains, regulations, and safety concerns.

“Led by our solution-oriented approach, we took it upon ourselves the responsibility of creating an overarching solution, eventually able to empower our clients,” said Nathaniel Meron, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at C2A Security. “Already integrated with market leading hardware suppliers, C2A’s solution transforms existing switches into a high-performance cutting-edge firewall by providing automotive manufacturers with a complete software solution suite, seamlessly optimized for their needs, while avoiding any additional hardware or software.”

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