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CES 2020: A Big Leap of ProLogium’s Solid-State Battery for EVs

ProLogium's Solid-State Battery
ProLogium's Solid-State Battery

Rilispedia.com – After several spontaneous combustion incidents of EVs, the need for solid-state batteries(SSB) with greater intrinsic safety has become more urgent. Despite that global leaders in car and battery manufacturing have joined the R&D of SSB, the process of transforming from liquid-state battery to SSB is not easy.┬áIssues such as stability, conductivity, and mass production make the research and development of solid-state batteries a global challenge, preventing it from entering the market of electric cars.

Such challenge will be overcome by ProLogium Technology, a battery manufacturer from Taiwan. At CES2020, ProLogium will share the result of SSB pack solution for EVs, electric buses, electric two wheeled vehicles, and ESS applications, which will be the most comprehensive demonstration of solid-state battery applications and performance in history.

New highly-efficient battery pack solution: MAB pack

In order to improve the energy density of a battery, ProLogium does not blindly adopt the high nickel (811) cathodes or lithium metal anodes that are unstable in terms of supply and performance, but created a MAB battery pack design that can maximize the advantages of solid-state batteries, improving the “assembly efficiency”. The MAB battery pack combines with the Multi Axis BiPolar+ technology and the mechanical design tailor-made for solid-state batteries, which defies the traditional battery packaging from the cell stage without using wires to directly connect the batteries in series and parallel through stacked electrodes, creating a large battery with high voltage and energy, reducing the number of batteries from thousands typically to 4-12, and effectively saving significant amount of space.

As for the module stage, since SSB is safe and stable, the cooling system in the battery pack, connection wires and protection mechanisms can be simplified substantially. After several steps of optimization and improvement, the total assembly efficiency of the battery pack can be improved by 29 ~ 56.5% compared with the traditional battery pack. That is, when the energy density of the battery cells is the same, the energy density of the ProLogium Technology’s battery pack can be enhanced by 29 ~ 56.5%, suggesting that the distance traveled by electric vehicles can be greatly increased.

Before SSB became the focus of the market, ProLogium had begun the R&D of SSB. Starting from small batteries, ProLogium Technology has been supplying its products to HTC, Softbank C&S, and other customers in the consumer electronics since 2013, serving as the leader to bring solid-state batteries into the market.

After announcing the MAB battery pack solution at CES in 2019, ProLogium Technology signed strategic cooperation agreement with several car manufacturers such as NIO, ENOVATE, and AIWAYS within a year to jointly carry out tests and studies on ProLogium Technology’s exclusive MAB solid-state battery pack solution. In addition, ProLogium also worked with its partners to complete the assembly test of the world’s first SSB vehicle. By utilizing the experience gained from developing battery packs for cars, ProLogium also collaborated with customers in energy applications, such as commercial energy storage and electric buses, to propose solutions for their problems.

ProLogium eliminates the concerns that people have previously about applying SSB to large-size applications or cars. It also lays out product technology and expansion strategies simultaneously, announcing that truly safe and efficient vehicles are one step closer to fully entering the lives of the public.

Exhibition information of ProLogium Technology at CES 2020:

North Hall 3131– Solid-state batteries for EV, electric buses, vehicles, 2-3 wheeler and ESS

South Hall 35053– Solid-state batteries for 2-3 wheeler, consumer electrics, professional products, explosion-resistant products, and energy storage systems

To learn more about ProLogium, visit: http://www.prologium.com/