HiRide, Smart robots and Wahu win awards from the world’s greatest technology exhibition. The Enterprises Factory is at the event in the USA with a village of 200 metres squared in the section dedicated to Artificial intelligence and Robotics. The CEO Vincenzo Russi: “A prestigious award which demonstrates our continuous growth, and a considerable investment which affirms our international commitment”

Rilispedia.com – Three awards, ten companies on the world stage of innovation, and the largest Italian contingent at next January’s event. The year 2020 will start with important awards and innovations for e-Novia: in January the Enterprises Factory will take part in CES Las Vegas for the third time, this time occupying a central area of the Convention Center, in the heart of the space dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. A veritable village of 200 metres squared, the largest presence by an Italian company at the exhibition, which will also provide the most tangible demonstration of the Augmented Humans and Humanised Machines fields.

The 2020 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show will take place from the 7th to the 10th of January, but e-Novia’s companies have already started to receive accolades. HiRide‘s adaptive smart suspension, designed to deal with different kinds of terrain, Smart Robots‘ robotic eye, an intelligent device designed to support operators in the context of a smart factory, and Wahu‘s active sole, which is able to adapt its morphology to the outside environment and to the user’s dynamic state, all received the “CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree” award. These prizes were awarded in the ‘Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation’, ‘Robotics’ and ‘Wearable Technologies’ categories respectively.

“Next year e-Novia is doubling its presence at CES Las Vegas, a sign that we are now up there with the big players in the Hi-Tech sector” commented Vincenzo Russi, CEO of e-Novia. “This is an important recognition which proves the continuous capability of our Factory to generate new inventions and enterprises. The three prestigious awards received by HiRide, Smart Robots and Wahu show once again that by leveraging its distinctive academic and industrial capabilities, Italy can also play a global role in the production of high technology” he added.

e-Novia will present its 2020 innovations to industry insiders, the media, and technology influencers having drawn inspiration from the human-robot harmonisation paradigm for its two presentations: humanised machines to reaffirm the centrality of humans, and augmented humans to increase human capability.

Alongside HiRide, Smart Robots and Wahu, e-Novia will also presenting another seven enterprises at CES Las Vegas. The now iconic Yape, the self-driving drone for last-mile delivery, returns to CES after its recent deployment at the gates of Frankfurt airport. With new improved suspension to face the challenge of bumpy roads, it can now handle a greater load capacity and boasts thermal insulation to optimise its commercial partnerships in the USA and Europe with world leaders in food delivery, retail sales and e-commerce. Blubrake, the multi-award-winning company which has developed an electronic control system that increases cyclist safety during braking, will present the first e-bikes of 2020 which will soon be available in specialist shops. At CES Rob.Y will unveil to the public its modular, bi-directional and ultra-agile platform which was designed for autonomous and electronic mobility-as-a-service and conceived in order to forge a new kind of vehicle architecture. Measy is the e-bike equipped with dynamic stabilisation and automatic gear transmission for cargo bikes, the new vehicles that will operate in our cities. Vehicles that integrate modern and advanced systems for safety and comfort in a single bike. WeArt will show how it is possible to ‘communicate touch’, digitalising, recording and reproducing tactile sensation through a wearable device. Huxelerate will present an integrated hardware and software system which challenges current limits by offering superfast calculation systems which are indispensable for the study of the genome, and which in this first appearance on the market will be aimed at the fields of personalised medicine and agritech. Sixto, another wearable device created to help people with reduced hand-mobility improve their grasp of objects, will show how ‘the robotic sixth finger’ can become a valid tool for prevention and support in the workplace.

e-Novia, the Enterprises Factory

e-Novia, the Enterprises Factory based in Milan, is the place where ideas are transformed into products, where researchers develop entrepreneurial experience, and where start-ups become fully-fledged companies. Since 2015 it has developed over 40 international patents and 32 entrepreneurial projects which involve a team of over 130 talented individuals, 97% of whom have a master’s degree, and 25% of whom have a PhD. Overall, when including the new enterprises created in the four and a half years since e-Novia was founded, the total number of team members rises to around 250.

In 2019 e-Novia was recognised for the third consecutive year by the Financial Times and by Il Sole 24 Ore as being one of the fastest-growing companies their rankings, the FT 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe and the Leader della Crescita 2020 respectively.