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CES 2020: ProLogium’s Solid-State Battery for Two Wheeled Vehicle Favored by European and Japanese Manufacturers

Rilispedia.com – At CES2020, ProLogium Technology brought new surprises: Solid-state battery technology (SSB), regarded as the next-generation heart of electric vehicles, is entering into the market of electric bicycles and motorcycles. ProLogium launched a new SSB with absolute safety and higher energy density. With the upgrade of core power technology, electric two wheeled vehicle is expected to transform again in the coming years.

ProLogium SSB kept discharging even after folding, hitting, penetrating, cutting and shooting
ProLogium SSB kept discharging even after folding, hitting, penetrating, cutting and shooting

Similar to the market of electric cars, owing to the increasing popularity of low-carbon transportation and the promotion of governments in countries around the world, the sales of E-bike and motorcycles have grown rapidly. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the heavy and bulky lithium batteries as well as the fire accidents caused during the charging process have been slashing the fun of riding two wheeled vehicles. As a result, the manufacturers of two wheeled vehicles are more and more urgent in looking for alternatives to lithium batteries to provide customers with a safer and better riding experience. The SSB, a new type of lithium battery that eliminates the use of flammable and explosive electrolytes, have quickly grabbed the attention of the market. However, the process of transforming from liquid-state battery to SSB is not easy. Despite that global leaders in car and battery manufacturing have joined the R & D of SSB, how to overcome the challenges in technology and mass production is still a problem waiting to be solved.

Encouragingly, a battery manufacturer from Taiwan is solving the problem faster than expected.
As the only battery manufacturer in the world capable of realizing the commercialization and mass production of SSB, ProLogium collaborated with ENOVATE to complete the assembly of the world’s first SSB EV sample in 2017, taking the car industry by storm. In 2019, ProLogium also announced a new electric car battery pack, MAB, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with several automakers within one year. Now, ProLogium is bringing the novel technology developed for EVs into the market of electric two wheeled vehicles, and collaborating with several brand companies in Taiwan, Japan and Europe to conduct tests for commercialization.

ProLogium SSB E-motorcycle pack solution: SAB
A battery solution that gathers parts into a whole and optimizes space utilization

To solve the limited space problem of two wheeled vehicle for battery, ProLogium proposed the SAB battery solution, bringing the unique advantages of SSB in stability and mechanical characteristics into play. Here, BiPolar+ technology was adopted to stack electrodes and complete the connection in series and parallel. The entire battery pack consists of only one large battery. Compared with the traditional battery pack that has dozens of cylindrical batteries connected in series and parallel, the new battery pack can utilize the space originally occupied by dead ends, connecting wires and battery packaging more efficiently, allowing the battery pack to contain more energy in the same volume and extending the driving distance on a single charge. Combining with the safety and stability advantages of ProLogium Technology’s SSB, an evolutionary vehicle that can be charged quickly without the risk of explosion and exhibits extended mileage per single charge can be created jointly with car manufacturers.

ProLogium Technology will demonstrate the performance of the solid-state batteries and their applications at the CES2020. The followings are the exhibition information:

North Hall 3131– Solid-state batteries for passenger cars, electric buses, vehicles, and electric motorcycles

South Hall 35053– Consumer electronics, professional, explosion-resistant, energy storage solid state batteries and SAB solid-state battery for electric motorcycles

To learn more about ProLogium, visit: http://www.prologium.com/

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