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CES 2021 ArcRAN Develops Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions for IoT/V2X Sites

Rilispedia.com – ArcRAN focuses on developing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for smart city applications. The company developed advanced cybersecurity solutions iSecMaster & iSecV are based on machine learning algorithms to help governments and enterprises respond quickly to various cybersecurity threats and attacks. The core functions of these solutions include cybersecurity analysis, attack simulation, and risk evaluation, according to Taiwan Tech Arena.

ArcRAN provides cybersecurity solutions to protect software and hardware applications such as vehicle to everything (V2X) and critical information infrastructure (CII), which are widely used by public utilities, smart factories, smart hospitals, and smart buildings, among others.

“We believe that cybersecurity is the fundamental enabler of IoT development. ArcRan is your best partner to strengthen cybersecurity protection capabilities, decrease operational risks, and bring value to IoT governance and protection.”

“Our golden rule is to reduce the chances of being hacked over the internet,” says Jack Yu, Founder and CEO of ArcRAN Inc.

The innovative solutions of ArcRAN earned its selection by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwan startups showcased at CES 2021.

Witness the Ultimate Security Solution Developed by ArcRAN for IoT

The company developed iSecMaster/iSecV, which is a WiFi/Bluetooth/ZigBee/C-V2X signal detector designed to look for unauthorized devices and abnormal behaviors in IoT/V2X sites such as smart factories, smart hospitals, and smart cities.

Deploying iSecMaster/iSecV allows the detection of cyberattack activities, including WiFi/Bluetooth attacks, rogue access points, man-in-the-middle attacks (MitM), and others, in IoT sites as well as cyberattacks, including remote vehicle hijacking, GPS Spoofing, and others, in V2X sites.

Also, the OpenSDK/OEM is compatible with IoT security detection APIs for statistics, tracking, and integration with CCTV video analysis.

ArcRAN 5G SecNet Comprehensively Protects Digital Assets Around the Clock

When enterprise deploys the latest 5G network, they’re also bringing new cybersecurity risks into the daily operations. ArcRAN can help users protect their valuable digital assets while 5G technology helps their business boom.

5G SecNet may be implemented in smart manufacturing, smart transportation, and smart city settings. ArcRAN’s 5G SecNet has been adopted by government co-working space Startup Terrace and Hutoushan Innovation Hub. 5G SecNet now successfully protects these closed physical fields.

Furthermore, ArcRAN provides cybersecurity planning and deployment service for 5G private networks. Through a comprehensive management process of “prevention, detect & response”, ArcRAN prevents cyber threats from core networks to endpoint devices.

Protection Must Be Strategic

5G SecNet solution consists of three tools that bring strategic protection to enterprises’ 5G private network.

The first of these tools is the 5G MEC Honeypot. ArcRAN sets honeypots in the multi-access edge computing (MEC) environment and capture the attack patterns of hackers and malicious software. ArcRAN then learns these patterns and provides our enterprise customers with the best strategic approach to prevent these attacks from happening.

The second tool is ArcRAN’s 5G ProbeX, which gathers transmission data inside 5G private networks to detect abnormal internet behavior and cyber threats, alerting enterprises to suspicious activity inside their 5G private networks.

The third tool, xDR Data Analysis, collects these data points, including invisible data trends, and intelligently creates cyber threat alarms prioritized by threat ranking to allow the enterprise to deal with the most critical threats first.

Every IoT/V2X node is well protected with ArcRAN’s solutions.

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