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CES2020: ProLogium’s Solid-State Battery Powering the Transformation of Explosion-proof Products

Rilispedia.com – In oil refineries, chemical plants or some of the most dangerous working areas, fire sparks or high temperature may lead to serious accidents that are irreparable. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, the competent authorities have established strict safety regulations for electrical equipment and parts in hazardous working areas to avoid ignition sources in high-risk environments. Among them, battery is arguably the most troublesome part. The uncertainty of battery safety has long hindered the optimization of explosion-proof devices. Therefore, when ProLogium brought the solid-state lithium battery (SSB) with intrinsic safety into the market, it received enthusiastic responses.

This year, an explosion proof IoT sensor powered by ProLogium’s SSB has obtained IECEx Global Explosion-Proof Certification (Zone1 T4 / T5). This product exhibits high degree of freedom in loading/unloading, and is compact and lightweight. It can be used for gas detection in all kinds of explosive sites, successfully overcoming the shortcomings of traditional explosion-proof products that are bulky and unable to operate flexibly.

ProLogium Technology, a SSB manufacturer from Taiwan, replaces the traditional flammable and explosive polymer liquid/jelly type electrolyte with ceramic electrolyte to create high-performance lithium ceramic batteries with excellent safety and extreme weather resistance. Since 2014, ProLogium Technology has been supplying its products to HTC. After testing the product quality by consumer electronics, ProLogium Technology’s products have entered the higher-demand electric vehicle and professional application market.

ProLogium pointed out that even if the cells with ceramic electrolytes are physically or electrically damaged, or under high temp. of 280°C, they won’t experience thermal runaway. Therefore, ProLogium Technology’s products are highly competitive in professional application market.

ProLogium SSB kept discharging even after folding, hitting, penetrating, cutting and shooting
ProLogium SSB kept discharging even after folding, hitting, penetrating, cutting and shooting

The conventional batteries used in explosion-proof applications need to have heavy protection in order to meet the required safety specifications. However, such a heavy battery pack is inappropriate for portable devices, since it will limit the operation and convenience of the devices.

Taking the IECEx tests passed by ProLogium as the example, the battery must withstand conditions such as high temperature and external short circuit simultaneously without showing signs of over temperature or leakage. To achieve this, traditional battery manufacturers can only use small batteries with capacity of less than 4Ah combining with heat sink/anti-leakage mechanism. This will greatly limit the performance of the battery pack. On the contrary, ProLogium passed the test by using 10Ah large-capacity cells directly without the protection mechanism and the highest temperature of the battery is even lower than the specified requirement. This allows the product to be categorized as the “intrinsically safe” explosion-proof product and greatly improves the design freedom and performance of the product, receiving praise from customers: “ProLogium cells have incredible advantage over conventional cells!”

ProLogium Technology
ProLogium Technology

In addition to intrinsic safety, ProLogium’s SSB have excellent high/low temperature resistance (discharge: -40 -105°C) and high/low pressure resistance (10-4pa – 680ATM), allowing to ProLogium Technology to gain more strength while conquering the professional market. Currently, ProLogium is conducting cell tests with partners from EV, T-Box, space, ESS… to develop solutions for various applications.

ProLogium Technology will demonstrate the performance of the solid-state batteries and their applications at the CES2020. The followings are the exhibition information:

North Hall 3131– Solid-state batteries for EVs, E-buses, 2 wheelers and ESS system

South Hall 35053– Solid-state batteries for Consumer electronics, Professional, Explosion-proof, ESS and 2 wheelers

To learn more about ProLogium, visit: http://www.prologium.com/

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