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Chipolo Extends Award-Winning Product Line With Chipolo ONE

New product features free out-of-range alerts reminding customers to take items with them

Rilispedia.com – Chipolo, the award-winning item-finding company, continues to drive innovation by launching Chipolo ONE. This coin-shaped, colorful device offers the right mix of features for people who often misplace their valuables. Now customers can never go too far without being notified to take their belongings with them, thanks to the new (and free) out-of-range feature.

For only $25, Chipolo ONE has the new out-of-range alerts as a free premium feature (unlike competitors) but also boasts the longest battery life and loudest sound, making it the best value-for-money and feature-rich item-finder in the market.

The shape of the Chipolo ONE is updated with a sleek design for a superior look and feel. It’s also available in six different colors and comes fully equipped with the easy-to-use Chipolo app available on both iOS and Android.

Notable feature updates include:

  • Free Unlimited Sharing: Unlimited sharing of your device with anyone, registered via the app – great for sharing items like car keys with the family
  • Last Known Location: Track your item to where you last had it via the Chipolo app
  • Community Search: Mark your item as lost to activate the Lost & Found Network and receive a location update when another Chipolo user comes near your item
  • Voice-Controlled: Chipolo is one of two trackers officially supported by Google Assistant. You can also ring Chipolo using your voice with Amazon Alexa and Siri
  • Selfie Button: Double click the Chipolo to take the perfect picture
  • Value for money: All for just $25

“We’re building products to give each item the power to be found, making people’s lives easier and supporting them in an affordable, collaborative manner. We know from our community that the most misplaced items are extremely valuable wallets, keys, and phones; this is why we have updated our product line to enhance the features we offer our customers,” explains Primož Zelenšek, CEO and co-founder of Chipolo.

“The ring is louder, which is especially useful if your item is buried under other things, in another room or in a noisy place, and the free out-of-range feature is to show how committed we are in providing value-add services without premium subscription fees. We are the only bluetooth tracking company to offer this on top of all our other services. Furthermore, we’ve partnered with several lost and found communities, to advance our Lost & Found Network.”

Chipolo ONE is available on 7th January 2020. Customers with the Chipolo CARD will also benefit from the new out-of-range feature.

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