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Deloitte Steps Into the Smart Future at CES 2020

Rilispedia.comWHAT: During CES® 2020, Deloitte will host a “Smart Future” conference series focusing on the impact smart technology will have on individuals and organizations. Deloitte’s Smart Future conference track will provide a bold look at how the concept of “smart” makes the shift from visionary possibility to a connected global reality. Along with senior leaders from some of the world’s most iconic brands driving innovation and disruption, we’ll explore enabling technology and how people are responding to this foundational and extraordinary change in how the world connects and operates.

WHEN:    Jan. 6-10, 2020
North Hall, Room N262

Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas

Deloitte leaders will be available for one-on-one meetings throughout the event to discuss the Smart Future and related Deloitte insights across the key themes: smart mobility; enabling technologies of a smart future; smart enterprise and manufacturing; smart entertainment; smart cities; and global economies.

Smart Mobility: Enabling tomorrow’s connected consumer

How are people and goods going to move in the smart future? Deloitte will offer perspectives on the disruptions and opportunities when considering how people and goods move with self-driving, connected, electric vehicles. Deloitte will also explore operating systems that enable new modes of mobility and discuss how to elevate the human experience as new technologies usher in the future of mobility. Related Deloitte insights include:

  • 2020 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study: Explores four foundational elements of the future of mobility — vehicle autonomy, electrification, connectivity, and shared transportation — through a global consumer lens, and uncovers just how willing — or not — people are to use these technologies. The latest report will be available on Jan. 7.
  • Change Is In the Air – The Elevated Future of MobilityExplores the opportunities and challenges associated with a new class of aircraft known electric or hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, which have the potential move people and cargo more quickly, quietly and cost effectively than traditional helicopters, revolutionizing the air traffic ecosystem.
  • Toward a Mobility Operating System: Explores some of the key capabilities and technological components of an integrated mobility platform and how city leaders could deploy them now to alleviate some of their pressing mobility challenges and accelerate system-wide gains.
  • Changing Lanes on Talent in the Auto Retail Sector: Evolving from customer to human experience. This research explores the critical issues surrounding human capital in the automotive retail space.

Smart Enterprise: Digital innovations for competitive advantage

Digital technology is helping companies enable their enterprise and products to meet the needs of their customers in surprising new ways. Some focus on efficiencies, some power new products or services and some reinvent business models. What new technologies deliver competitive advantage? How can AI help transform companies? How is the relationship between people and machines changing? What kind of talent and skills will be needed in the future to ensure companies can deliver products, services, and the social impact people expect? Learn which digital innovations are gaining traction and what skills and capabilities companies will need to harness the power of technologies enabling the smart future. Related Deloitte insights include:

Smart Entertainment

The smart future will usher in new lifestyle experiences and pathways to entertainment. How is technology impacting consumer’s entertainment and device preferences? What does the future of digital advertising have in store? How can AR and VR technologies create new, immersive entertainment opportunities? How might these technologies have an impact on sports? Deloitte’s smart entertainment focus will center on quality of life and leisure. Related Deloitte insights include:

  • Digital Media Trends Survey: Examines the generational habits of U.S. consumers to uncover the shifting attitudes and behaviors that involve entertainment devices, advertising, media consumption, social media and the internet.
  • 2020 Global Marketing TrendsThis interactive site is intended to guide C-suite leadership in developing their strategies in this ever-changing digital environment, while keeping the human front and center.
  • Connectivity & Mobile Trends SurveyThis survey provides insight about how consumers interact with broadband and wireless connectivity, smartphones, various connected devices and the Internet, their attitudes and behaviors to carriers and service providers — and what will drive future consumption.
  • Redesigning Stadiums for a Better Fan ExperienceThis report explores how sports teams and stadiums compete for fans’ business, and how they can leverage digital transformation for a holistic fan experience.

Smart cities and global economies: Enhancing the quality of living in cities around the world

Cities will be first to witness the tipping point to the smarter future. But bringing smart cities to life and securing technology and data is challenging. How do we build, operate, and secure smart cities of tomorrow? Countries such as China and Israel are influencing and disrupting the global economy, leading to unprecedented change. Cyber is everywhere. Smart cities are critical to quality of life. Connected health is real. Related Deloitte insights include:

  • 2019 Deloitte and MAPI Smart Factory Study: The study explores how smart factories can unlock the key to productivity for manufacturers, offering a deep dive into some of the best practices for adopting smart factory initiatives and 10 common approaches to smart factory adoption that can be part of manufacturers’ “playbook” for getting started.
  • Six Assumptions for Measuring Health Disruption: The future of health, where well-being will replace treatment and the customer will be at the center of health care, seems far away, but here’s evidence that change is already underway.
  • 2019 Deloitte Catalyst Future of Retail-Tech Emerging LandscapeDeloitte Catalyst’s team — driving the creation of innovation ecosystems — recently published a report chronicling the growing prevalence of global tech startups and global retailers that are building and managing collaborative ecosystems solutions to improve user experience at scale.

Interested in learning more about Deloitte’s Smart Future at CES 2020? How smart mobility and connectivity, smart entertainment, smart enterprise, smart cities and economies all add up a Smart Future? A full schedule of Deloitte’s Smart Future track at CES 2020 can be found here.

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