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FaceCake Debuts Augmented Realism at CES 2020

Taking shopping to the next level, FaceCake delivers the industry’s most advanced AI-Driven AR platform for retail

Rilispedia.com – FaceCake, known for its innovations in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence for shopping, showcased its groundbreaking Augmented Realism for online, mobile, in-store, in-ad, and social media at ShowStoppers@CES on January 7, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

FaceCake’s AI-driven AR platform now features Augmented Realism, bringing products to life in a way never before seen in categories from eyewear to jewelry to fashion and the entire beauty spectrum. The Los Angeles-based technology company leverages AI to deliver natural product movement based upon a range of unique features, including product weight, dimension and physics combined with reactive lighting that virtually tracks the actual environment and reflects onto each product. Through this industry leading breakthrough, shoppers can now spot each clearly defined lash in a set of silk eyelashes or virtually Try-On earrings in an Augmented Reality environment that move and sway as they would in a real world shopping experience, with finishes that shine in the actual light of the room. Sunglasses and eyewear, two other key innovation categories for FaceCake, also catch true light reflections on lenses and material finishes as consumers turn their heads, creating an immersive and frictionless AR shopping experience.

“The consumer of today has grown past a filter. They want (and deserve) more,” said Linda Smith, Founder and CEO of FaceCake. “Our Augmented Realism, coupled with our industry leading AI, brings the most elevated AR shopping experience possible to all consumers from wherever they are seamlessly, whether they are shopping online, mobile or in-store.”

Leading to a 3x increase in online conversions, FaceCake’s patented AI/AR shopping platform is quick and easy for brands to fold into their websites, pop-ups, and advertising or marketing plans. FaceCake’s platform personalizes the shopping experience giving consumers realistic, interactive product visualization and recommendations across all categories and all devices.

Take a peek at FaceCake’s platform here.

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