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Hisense Starts a New Era of TriChroma Laser TV, Reconnecting Individuals and Reuniting the World

Rilispedia.com – By announcing the start of a new era of TriChroma Laser TV, a state-of-the-art display technology, Hisense, leading consumer electronics and home appliances company kicked off 2021 at the first-ever virtual Consumer Electronics Show, a top international tech event on January 11th. This new technology will apply to multiple devices, aiming at reconnecting people, nature and society in the new normal.

TriChroma Laser: a new laser technology adopting RGB laser light source to achieve wider color gamut

Hisense announced this cutting-edge display technology with a transformative product line of laser TV – TriChroma Laser TV on Monday. Dr. Liu Xianrong, the Chief Scientist of Hisense Laser Display explained in a keynote address that the technology is packaging and controlling separate lasers to get purer colors for display. A 128% improvement is achieved in the original RGB color. TriChroma also attains 20% brightness enhancement at the pixel-level with a 430-nit picture brightness, exceeding that of a regular TV.

Empowered with TriChroma laser technology, new TV product lines include various screen sizes, from 75-inch to 100-inch giant screen with elimination of ambient lighting. Since the color gamut coverage reaches up to 151% of the DCI-P3 film color standard, it is almost 50% beyond high-end cinema. Audiences can enjoy a strong sense of presence and stunning in-cinema viewing experience at home.

More Laser TV models will be released this year, enriching consumers with more options than ever and projecting a promising market share in 2021.

Ecosystem screens builder: reconnecting a new reality with smart devices

The electronics manufacturer showed its ambition as a leading ecosystem screen builder with various interactive devices for different life scenarios. Three core technology were mentioned at CES to achieve the ecosystem – display technology, artificial intelligence of things (AIOT) technology, and a cloud service.

Living in the new normal requires not only more sanitizers, but also higher standards for remote learning, working, and more. Hisense provides customized solutions for the future. Touch screen can be used for family education. Home fitness screen embedded with customized fitness courses and workout data synchronization gets ready for a healthier work-from-home lifestyle. Hisense also offers more professional options for different industries, including top-level professional broadcast monitors and eco-screen assisted with community services – medical consultation, community facilities management, etc.

Instead of showcasing in Las Vegas Convention Center, CES 2021 embraces its first-ever virtual event in history. Hisense demonstrated its long-term goal in the first session of this tech week: in times of isolation and uncertainty, people can still be reconnected and reunited through screens. “Screens are vitally important in the reconstruction of our lifestyle due to their unique value and function…” said Fisher Yu, the President of Hisense Visual Technology in his keynote speech, “Services, social experiences, people. The screen will connect them all.”

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