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Hugolog Introduces 4 Brand New Innovative Smart Lock Solutions at CES 2020

Hugolog improves design, functionality, and reliability in smart lock security solutions with its latest product launch.

Rilispedia.com – Hugolog, a new and innovative developer in the smart access control industry, introduces 4 new smart lock products at CES 2020 from January 7-10. This represents the company’s latest push to develop more reliable and cost-conscious access control solutions for both residential and commercial markets.

At CES, Hugolog’s visitors got a firsthand look at how the new smart locks bring functionality and ease to any entrance while elevating security standards. The company built these designs on 3 prominent principles that served as the pillars for their research and development process:

  • Modern and Ergonomic Design – From implementation in stylish residential entrances to sophisticated office foyers, the simplistic, yet sleek, design of the smart locks are appropriate for a wide variety of applications. Along with that, their ergonomic designs are comfortable and perfect for repetitive use for years to come.
  • Enhanced Security Standards – These smart lock solutions are crafted with maximum security at heart. They are built with Grade 2 certified cylinders for physical durability and feature double encryption for all data transmission. This is a trustworthy and reliable means of securing any property.
  • Compatibility with Other Smart Home Tech – As a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, Hugolog’s HU03 and HU04 locks are equipped with wireless capabilities to interact with other smart home devices via Z-Wave Hub. This protocol design makes these new smart locks interoperable with over 100 million products worldwide, from over 700 manufacturers.

The four new offerings on display at CES 2020 came in two categories: The Digital Line and the Smart Line. Attendees enjoyed live demonstrations of the locks with a full breakdown of the advantages of the two lines. Here’s what they offer:

  • Digital Line – HU01 and HU02
    • The HU01 and HU02 locks are easy replacements for existing deadbolts. They store up to 20 pin codes and have an auto lock feature after 30 seconds with their motorized deadbolts. These are excellent for large-scale implementation as they provide a high level of reliability.
  • Smart Line – HU03 and HU04
    • The HU03 and HU04 smart locks are designed for seamless integration with other smart home devices. Their wireless capabilities via Bluetooth and Z-Wave make them integrable on a large scale. Along with that, they feature convenient and trustworthy upgrades such as high-end touch screens, remote locking and unlocking capabilities, and emergency power ports in case their batteries run low.

For more information, please visit http://www.hugolog.com/.

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