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JIMU Intelligent Showcased its Latest Intelligent Driving Solutions During CES 2020, Accelerating the Landing of Intelligent Driving

Rilispedia.com – On January 7, 2020, the annual Consumer Electronics Show officially started in Las Vegas. As one of the leading intelligent driving technology providers, JIMU Intelligent showcased its latest intelligent driving solutions, attracting the attention of the global audience.

Intelligentization and connectivity are irreversible trends in the automotive industry. As part of the automotive industry chain, JIMU launches solutions with different features, such as forward road perception, blind spot monitoring, surround-view monitoring, driver status monitoring, big data analysis and cloud computing for different application scenarios after years of technical polishing and business exploration. Customers could choose the optimal solutions with the best cost-efficiency.

For vehicle intelligentization, JIMU is mainly focused on the development of basic technologies of vision and multi-sensor fusion, and enables high-precision road environment and driver state perception via on-board intelligent devices, providing a basis for intelligent decision-making, vehicle control and execution.

For vehicle connectivity, JIMU launched an Autocloud platform to provide basic data such as vehicle operation, traffic environment, and driving behavior for intelligent vehicles, their users, and management and service agencies, supporting features like data storage, operations, big data analysis and calculation, promoting the coordinated development of vehicles and roads, and accelerating the landing of intelligent driving.

During this exhibition, JIMU showcased its latest intelligent driving solutions, which consist of the cloud platform and in-vehicle perception hardware. Based on core technologies such as vision and radar fusion, the solutions are capable of high-precision and comprehensive road environment perception, decision-making and vehicle control. Solutions also provide dynamic basic data like vehicle operation, traffic environment, and driver status, providing basis for the actual application requirements of intelligent connected vehicles.

In order to accelerate the implementation of intelligent driving, JIMU Intelligent has always considered “producible” as one of its core R&D concepts, focusing on the realization of high-precision intelligent driving technology on cost-effective hardware platforms. After long-term optimization and polishing, JIMU solutions even outrun solutions with stronger computing power and higher cost, and have repeatedly taken the lead in successfully passing relevant testing regulations.

As early as April of this year, JIMU pedestrian AEB solution took the lead to pass JT / T 1242-2019 Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Automatic Emergency Braking Systems of Commercial Vehicles. In December 2019, JIMU FCWS and LDWS, based on cost-effective sensor fusion solution, also successfully passed GB / T 33577-2017 Intelligent Vehicle Forward Collision Warning System Performance Requirements and Test Procedures and JT / T 883-2014 Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Driving Danger Warning System for Commercial Vehicles, with excellent test performance.

As a core supplier of auto parts, JIMU Intelligent is the supplier of nearly 10 out of top 15 bus manufacturers in China like Higer, SunLong, Foton, Kinglong, Asiastar and Yinlong, and also the supplier of several world’s top truck OEMs, including Sany and XCMG.

For industrial applications, JIMU Intelligent mainly focuses on the fields of commercial transport fleets, auto insurance and online car-hailing. JIMU products have been sold to over 20 countries including South Korea, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Indonesia, and India, etc.

Since the second half of 2019, JIMU Intelligent reached cooperation with China Pacific Insurance, one of the leading insurance companies in China, to promote the “Taihao Insurance” project nationwide. JIMU’s intelligent driving assistance system, based on biotechnology, artificial intelligence, image recognition, big data analysis and other AI technologies, could deliver real-time monitoring and remind drivers of unsafe driving behaviors, reducing vehicle accident rates. This cooperation is the first implementation of a new car insurance risk control management model in China. At present, the project has covered more than 20 provinces and cities, leading the auto insurance reform and innovation in China.

During CES, JIMU Intelligent also demonstrated key technologies including AEB, driver status monitoring, and blind spot monitoring, etc.

After several years of exploration, JIMU Intelligent has pinpointed its core business direction, and will rely on its own technology and market advantages to help promote the commercialization of intelligent driving.

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