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KONCO “ACIDTRIP” ALBUM RELEASE An Immersive Journey of the Mind

“We genuinely aim to create masterpieces that are out of this world instead of just wasting our time while hanging out!”

Rilispedia.com – That was the ambition harboured by Ricco aka Passport and Gibran aka MASGIB when they both agreed to collaborate by forming KONCO in 2017. The two friends each previously trod their own different paths. MASGIB had already carved a career as a rapper and producer who has been involved with various projects within the local hip-hop scene and is now a guaranteed hit maker in his field.

Passport, however, is relatively new to the hip-hop world. For someone who has thus far been making a living in other creative fields, making music became something of a therapeutic medium to balance out his life.

We basically clicked right from the get-go. For whatever reason, MASGIB and I just set about complimenting each other from the very beginning, be it onstage or off,” Passport reminisces.

Naturally, the coming together of these two talented individuals immediately lead to their first song “Flippin’ Models”. It reinforced their belief that it was a collaboration worth realising.Rather than being a one-off project, it turned into a permanent entity.

From day one, we instantly immersed ourselves in the songwriting process. It came to a pointwhere we both thought ‘Why stop here?” says Passport.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


The duo’s new adventure has not been without its challenges, though. It has taken them almost a couple of years to compile all their works into a full album.

Apart from the shared vision that we have between us, the main factor that has hindered our journey is scheduling. We did not take into account the fact that we both have our own personal priorities to take care of. It resulted in quite a few interludes in between!” Passport laughs.

Fortunately, the twosome took advantage of their extended production period to rope in a few collaborators to appear on their masterpiece, including Udd Sondakh on “Flippin’ Models”, Syaima Salsabila on “Far Away”, Razi on “V”, and Dexfa on “Civilian”.

We wanted to get as many people involved as possible because we’re also trying to build a community from this project. In the end, however, one way or another, we basically just worked with what we’ve got,” Passport adds.


After two years, ten songs were accumulated. And now, it is time to introduce KONCO to theworld with their debut album “Acidtrip”.

It is essentially a replication of the journey when our brain is under the influence; this album is our way of experimenting in order to develop our sound while also making our mark in the hip-hop scene,” Passport asserts.

This is our journey and we want you to come with us!
Are you ready?

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