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Leader in portable audio players, FiiO, introduces Jade Audio and new EW1 True Wireless Hi-Fi earphones in Singapore

FiiO Jade Audio EW1
FiiO Jade Audio EW1

Jade Audio EW1 is the new sub-brand of FiiO, and the first introduction in its line, for incredible audio, at a fraction of the price

Rilispedia.com – Leading brand in portable audio players, FiiO announces the launch of its new sub brand, Jade Audio and introduces the new Jade Audio EW1 True Wireless Hi-Fi earphones in Singapore. Created for true wireless freedom, the EW1 features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Combined with outstanding battery life of up to 21 hours, with Qualcomm QCC3020 low-power technology, and FiiO’s signature soundscape, the EW1 will be sure to impress, at a fraction of the price.

Jade Audio relies on the exceptional audio and technology established by FiiO in portable lossless audio products for many years. The team of experts behind the new brand has rich experience in acoustics, dedicated to research and development. Jade Audio strives to create reliable quality products, combining functionality and cost-efficiency for music lovers in the Hi-Fi market.

Created for True Wireless Freedom, Born for Hi-Fi quality sound

Bluetooth audio codec is key to good sounding True Wireless. The new Jade Audio EW1 features Qualcomm’s QCC3020 Bluetooth chip which supports aptX Bluetooth audio codec.

With higher sound quality and lower latency, music enthusiasts can enjoy high-quality audio wirelessly.

Small in size, Big on power

The Jade Audio EW1 is about the size of a lipstick, but is packed full with features to impress. Equipped with Qualcomm’s QCC 3020 low-power, the EW1 provides an outstanding battery life. On a single charge, the earbuds can last 7 hours to power through your music playlist. Combined with the accompanying charging case, the EW1 enables you up to 21 hours of non-stop listening. 

LDS Antenna Technology

Another critical aspect of True Wireless earphones is its signal stability. EW1 is implemented with Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) Antenna Technology. This enables enhanced penetration power and anti-interference ability, allowing the transmission distance of the earphones to be greatly improved. What this means for users is better connectivity and lesser lag time – a common problem with Bluetooth earphones. 

Hi-Fi grade tuning, meticulous on every detail

When it comes to audio and design, the Jade Audio does not compromise. With FiiO’s accumulated experience, the team utilises Qualcomm CSR302’s internal Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to optimise the frequency response curve of the driver on Jade Audio’s EW1. This allows the 6mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver and the audio characteristics of Bluetooth to better integrate with each other to achieve a natural-sound tuning that you will not be tired of listening.

FiiO Jade Audio EW1
FiiO Jade Audio EW1

To obtain a comfortable and firm shape on EW1, the surface and angle of the body are repeatedly polished and tested during the design process. Through the precise design of multiple processes, the seamless touch fuselage structure is built to effectively prevent water damage to components and can easily cope with the dual challenges of rain as well as perspiration from sports.

Coupled with soft and skin-friendly silicone ear-tips, EW1 ensures that your earbuds will be comfortable and fitting experience, giving you a quality Hi-Fi experience, regardless if you are on a commute to work, running a marathon, or listening leisurely at the comfort of your home.

Other key features of the Jade Audio EW1 include:

  • cVc™ 8.0 noise cancellation: Equipped with high sensitivity microphones on both left and right earbuds, the design supports dual-channel stereo as well as dual ear-buds usage for voice calls. 
  • Sounds good, regardless left or right: Designed to separate delivery of audio to both left and right earbuds, the EW1 allows easy pairing, and allows single earbud usage at your discretion.
  •  Bluetooth 5.0, as reliable as wired: The EW1 is enabled with higher transmission efficiency with increased signal stability and interference shielding, allowing for a smoother vocal, gaming or movie experience. 
  • Automatic reconnect and shut down: When the earbuds are taken out of the charging case, it will automatically attempt to reconnect, and when the earbuds are placed back into the charging case, it automatically shuts down. 
  • Smart Touch Control: Say goodbye to button presses, the EW1 is designed to be simple and intuitive, simply tap on the shell to switch between different functions such as music or calls.
  • Tap and wake up your voice assistant: When paired with a smartphone, double tap on the L earpiece will activate Siri, Google Assistant, or your phone’s other preferred built-in voice assistant and bring on the convenience of it provides.

Product Specifications

  • EW1 True Wireless Hi-Fi Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • 3 different sizes of ear tips(Small, Medium, Large)
  • USB Charging Case
  • Instruction manual

Pricing and Availability

The Jade Audio EW1 True Wireless earphone is available immediately at a recommended retail price (RRP) of S$89 (including GST) at authorised retailers including AV One, Gadget Solution (Parkway Parade), Lazada (https://www.lazada.sg/shop/av1group), and Treoo.com.