Home Tek Leyard Honored with CES Two TV Technology Gold Awards

Leyard Honored with CES Two TV Technology Gold Awards

Rilispedia.com – During the global top consumer electronics show (CES 2020) on the evening of January 8, the 14th Global Top Brands awarding ceremony, through which IDG amassed, appraised and elected outstanding global cutting-edge consumer electronics was also held. A list of annual top brands was released at the ceremony.

Two large-sized televisions exhibited at the show, PLANAR AI Smart TV100A90S and PLANAR Micro LED 135Y90S won the Annual Smart TV Technology Innovation Gold Award and Annual Micro LED TV Technology Innovation Gold Award respectively by featuring the simple and low-key luxurious designs, perfect integration of new generation display technology Micro LED with 8K images and AI hidden auto-lifting cameras.

Cutting-edge Technologies in Leyard’s Micro LED, AI and 8K Stand out

Displays matter most for the visual products. Nowadays the large-size, frameless, ultra high definition and realistic vivid colors make intuitive impressions for the consumers to judge the display products. The two award-winning products brought extraordinary visual joy and pleasure to the customers with its Micro LED display technology, strengthening AI technology with 8K images and innovative video linking methods.

Beyond that, as 8K pictures become more realistic and vivid, the border in visual products gets narrower. The minimalist designs, tailored AI interaction settings and user-friendly installation and operation modes, the higher requirements coming from the customers pose an even more daunting challenge for the TV producers to ponder how to apply the design concept into their products.

PLANAR “THE GREAT SPACE,” the 135-inch 4K Micro LED TV provides a whole set of home using Micro LED solutions with its disruptive ultra large display assembly methods, breaking the record of home using TV limited size and allowing us to enjoy a wide view at home. In addition, thanks to its amazingly high display-to-body ratio of 99.99%, this television presents more stunning pictures, bringing the consumers more vivid and immersive experiences.

PLANAR AI Smart TV100A90S features its humanized configuration design. Its all-metal body fully expresses the modern aesthetics. The auto-lifting camera, far-field recording microphone and AI voice control system allow consumers to enjoy the beauty of presence in a 4-square-meters living room.

All TV products exhibited at the show by Leyard are produced by PLANAR, a leading American audiovisual equipment producer. PLANAR, founded in 1983, is one of the world’s biggest top embedded display manufacturers.

Change Your Life with Technology, Let Warmth Return to Your Home

“When 4k or 8K ultra high definition TV goes to a family with more realistic and vivid pictures and technology-based human-machine interactive experience, it will tremendously improve the family atmosphere and unite them emotionally. What Leyard has kept on doing is to continuously enhance the audiovisual joy and pleasure for human kind.” Li Jun, the Chairman and President of Leyard Group mentioned his dream in an interview.
The truth is Leyard has invested much in the research of artificial intelligence televisions.

The artificial intelligence TV system, based on 4k/8k LED displays, consists of control system, audio and video system, visual human interaction system and cloud data system. For these systems, apart from its self-developed technologies and experience in small pitch LEDs and commercial displays over the many years, Leyard also developed multiple advanced technologies in artificial intelligence and related applications. In that sense, the years of research in artificial intelligence smart TV by Leyard also lays a foundation for its To C business.

Leyard has continuously promoted the upgrading of home appliance industry through high-end and smart revolutionary technologies in recent years. As a new player in the electronics consumer market, it was recognized by Global Top Brands, indicating its competitive products, outstanding service capability and strong brand influence.

Only by daring to explore the unknown can infinite possibilities be created. As the world’s leading pioneer in audiovisual technology, Leyard hopes to activate the home using TV market on a new wave of technology based on its solid accumulation in MINI LED and Micro LED technologies so as to embrace a new round industrial upgrading.

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