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Longsys Product Conference Excites Visitors, All Products of Dual Brands on Display

Longsys Product Conference Excites Visitors, All Products of Dual Brands on Display (Photo Credit: longsys.com)
Longsys Product Conference Excites Visitors, All Products of Dual Brands on Display (Photo Credit: longsys.com)

Serve the consumer and industry markets, and participate in global market competition

Rilispedia.com – CES 2020 was held in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10. Longsys held a product conference as scheduled. Its high-end consumer brand Lexar and embedded storage brand FORESEE put on display a full range of products to fully serve the consumer and industry markets, focus on terminal applications, and develop innovative products in the global market competition.

This year, FORESEE displayed automotive storage product line. Given the automotive electronics industry’s mounting demand for high-standard storage products, FORESEE successively launched automotive-grade, industrial-grade and industrial wide-temperature products in 2019, with an operating temperature range of -40℃–85℃.

The three series of products are on display at the event. Customers are invited for an experience at the venue. (Address: 29F Room No. 311, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas)

FORESEE: Develop the industry market and fulfill customer dream for storage products

Four product lines of FORESEE are launched. Nearly 20 products in solid-state drive (SSD) storage, embedded storage, micro storage, and automotive storage categories are debuted. The products are applied to notebooks, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, smart speakers, smart watches, UAVs, IPO, driving recorders, and streaming media rearview mirror. It serves every sector.

Two types of new embedded storage products are released as the highlights of FORESEE brand.

In response to the fast-growing wearables market, FORESEE, an embedded storage brand under Longsys, released a new ePOP product (embedded Package On Package) at this CES.

FORESEE ePOP integrates LPDDR3 and eMMC in a compact package. The standard size is 10.0mm X 10.0mm X 0.9mm, thinner than similar products on the market. With capacity of up to 32GB, eMMC is suitable for systems with limited space such as wearables, meeting the market’s requirements for high performance, low energy consumption, and thinness.

FORESEE ePOP’s unique pSLC model guarantees the product stability. Equipped with the latest SOC platform, it can fully support eMMC5.1 protocol (HS400). The 3D NAND flash greatly improves the product performance and brings a smooth use experience.

At this CES, FORESEE also released another new product uMCP, which adopts an ultra-fast Universal Flash Storage (UFS) controller to offer a highly integrated, high-performance storage solution for smartphones.

uMCP is a UFS-based multi-chip package that combines LPDDR4x, NAND flash, and UFS controllers. It occupies less memory space to support more flexible, high-performance system design.

FORESEE uMCP provides a smooth and fast experience and improves battery life of smartphones. In response to the needs of mobile phones, several improvements have been made on data acceleration, power failure protection, and balanced wear, etc. It is suitable for mid-to-high-end Android phones, providing high-density, low-power consumption storage solutions for smartphones.

Lexar: Serve the high-end consumer market and bring the ultimate experience

Lexar memory cards, USB flash drives, and SSD products are put on display at this conference. with remarkable performance in terminal applications, these products help improve transmission speed and better picture quality in application scenarios such as office, photography, and video, presenting an ultimate experience for users.

Lexar CFexpress Type B Card

Lexar CFexpress Type B Card has a maximum read speed of 1750MB/s, approaching the limit of interface, which is 3.5 times faster than the current CFAST 2.0 and 11 times faster than CF Card. It is superior to most consumer-grade SSDs. It is suitable for storing high-quality images and videos in 1080P Full HD, 4K and 8K.

Lexar 633x microSD-1TB

With a read speed of 95MB/s and write speed of 70MB/s, it can meet the needs of 4K video recording and the video capture by video products such as UAVs and sports cameras. The duration of capturing Full HD video can reach 156 hours.

Lexar NVMe Gen4x4 M.2 2280 SSD

Lexar Professional M.2 PCIe Gen4x4 SSD has a maximum speed of 6200MB/s, the fastest consumer-grade SSD product with PCIe Gen4x4 performance to date.

Moreover, Lexar also released brand-new 5G personal storage system. In 2020, it will be promoted in global markets except the United States. It will ride the wave of 5G to provide users with better storage services.