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Nemesysco Delivers Voice Analytics Solutions for Specialized National Law Enforcement Agencies across Southeast Asia

Company’s technology measures emotional responses during live operations and from recorded material to improve investigation productivity

Rilispedia.com – Nemesysco, a leading provider of voice analytics technologies and solutions for genuine emotion detection, today announced that the company has delivered its voice analytics LVA 6.50 system to several specialized national law enforcement agencies across Southeast Asia.

Nemesysco reports that these new orders have been delivered and deployed after initial units were shipped to these law enforcement agencies and successfully passed rigorous internal evaluations.

These law enforcement agencies are utilizing Nemesysco’s LVA 6.50 system as an investigation focus tool to conduct voice analytics during criminal and anti-terror investigation activities. Investigators are using LVA 6.50 during both live operations and on recorded sessions to gauge and measure emotional responses during investigation procedures. Based on the emotional responses detected by LVA 6.50, investigators can better direct their investigation activities and focus on new leads that would not have otherwise been revealed.

For example, if LVA 6.50 detects out of the ordinary high levels of stress or hesitation around specific topics in the voice of the person being investigated, then investigators can adjust their follow up questions and further investigation activities accordingly. Alternatively, if the investigation tool gauges no unique emotional response or reveals that the person being questioned is responding in a natural emotional state, the investigators can then consider asking questions in a different direction and move their investigation activities in another direction.

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA™) is Nemesysco’s core voice analytics technology for revealing the genuine emotional state of a person. The technology detects and measures uncontrolled psychophysiological changes to a person’s voice during open conversations. LVA is indifferent to language or the content of speech and can detect and measure emotions including excitement, stress, uncertainty, anger, happiness, hesitation, embarrassment and more.

“Nemesysco offers a strong value proposition for law enforcement agencies and similar government organizations to improve the productivity of their investigation activities and dramatically shorten investigation times by uncovering new insight and providing focus that can help even the most experienced investigator,” explained Lim Teck Yong, General Manager of Exactitude Solutions in Singapore. “As Nemesysco’s channel partner, we have been excited to support many of these projects and deliver clear benefits to these prominent law enforcement agencies, whose investigators, like those at most police organizations, are overwhelmed with the duration of investigations and are constantly dealing with shortages of manpower.”

Lim Teck Yong, General Manager, Exactitude Solutions in Singapore. Exactitude is a Nemesysco channel partner

Nemesysco highlights that many of its law enforcement agency and government organization customers around the world are applying LVA 6.50 to complement their use of polygraph testing and provide better preparation before polygraph tests are performed. The company also notes that LVA 6.50 can be used by any trained investigator anywhere and anytime in a quick, precise and non-invasive manner. It can be applied in real-time during either face-to-face encounters or over phone conversations as well as on any lawfully obtained recorded materials.

“Over the past twenty years, we have developed a holistic approach with our voice analytics technology to the complex issue of revealing the entire underlying truth for any investigation procedure,” said Amir Liberman, CEO of Nemesysco. “We are pleased to see our fundamental approach is now becoming widely accepted and has created the increased demand that we are experiencing for our voice analytics solutions in a range of vertical markets across Asia as well as in government sectors in other regions around the world.”

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