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OneLife Launches PureOne, the World’s Best and Most Sustainable Home and Office Air Purifier, at CES 2020

Revolutionary German-Engineered Plasma Technology Makes PureOne the Most Effective Filter on the Market, Removing Even the Smallest Harmful Pollutants from the Air

Rilispedia.com – OneLife GmbH, makers of disruptive technologies to address the pollution crisis, today announced the launch of its game-changing PureOne sustainable air purifier at CES 2020. A German-engineered green tech solution that removes more harmful substances — including the smallest PM 1.0 particles — than any other air purifier, PureOne lets users breathe easier indoors, at home, the gym or in the office.

“We apply breakthrough technologies to issues that limit the productivity and health of humans, with an aim of helping more people get access to cleaner air,” said OneLife CEO Christoph Burkhardt, an author, AI expert, keynote speaker and psychologist who joined OneLife because he saw its potential to disrupt the industry and improve health worldwide. “Increasing urban pollution levels, poor indoor air quality and climate change are crises that demand new, more sustainable solutions.

“PureOne addresses all of these issues with quiet, ozone-free, energy-efficient indoor air purification technology. PureOne’s plasma technology removes smaller particles and ultra-fine dust more efficiently than any other purifier on the market. And there’s no need to replace the filter — ever. We are on a mission to dramatically improve indoor performance and the well-being of humans around the globe.”

Built for smart households and workplaces, PureOne’s proprietary and award-winning clean technology features a revolutionary, patent-pending plasma filter that creates high filtration performance at low ventilator speed. This innovation results in silent air purification that saves energy by operating on a fraction of the electricity required by other air purifiers, with no harmful ozone emissions. Instead of replacing filters every few months, the PureOne filter system can be rinsed or run through a dishwasher and reused.

PureOne is designed to blend into existing home or office décor, whether minimalist, colonial, modern, country or shabby chic style. It operates in automatic mode for worry-free, quiet operation without user intervention as well as sleeping mode to maximize air quality overnight to enable full recovery from exercise and better productivity on the job. Users can control PureOne and get air quality data with voice-first products like Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant or with an iOS or Android app.

“We spend 90 percent of our time indoors where the most harmful dust particles are 10 times more potent. This decreases workplace productivity, degrades athletic performance and has serious negative health effects,” Burkhardt observed. “By filtering out these ultrafine particles, bacteria and viruses, mold spores, pollen, dust mites, pet dander and other pollutants with sustainable, energy-efficient technology, PureOne delivers a better quality of life where people spend most of their time while helping to save the only planet we’ve got.”

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