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Opera Ads selects Httpool as their new ad sales partner in Southeast Asia

Rilispedia.com – Opera Ads, the fast growing online advertising platform that connects advertisers seamlessly with Opera products, has selected Httpool as its new ad sales partner in Southeast Asia. Through this partnership, Opera will provide digital marketing solutions for brands, media agencies and other advertisers in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

We are extremely excited about this new partnership in Southeast Asia. Launching Opera Ads will open new avenues for brands and advertising agencies to reach out to their audiences and create a better experience for customers. As an official ad sales partner, we will allocate dedicated teams, provide access to the local media agencies, brands and native advertisers, develop specialised solutions and support them from marketing, ad sales to billing. We will build on our extensive experience and knowledge to ensure that campaigns achieve their optimal goals.” said said Sunny Nagpal, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Httpool APAC.

Opera Ads offers smart ways for digital publishers and brands to engage with Opera’s user base of more than 350 million people worldwide. With Opera Ads, online advertisers can run precisely targeted campaigns, improve their media buy, and secure impactful ad placements across the popular Opera mobile browsers and applications.

Major consumer brands in Southeast Asia choose Opera Ads for scaling their online advertising due to the increasing popularity of Opera products. The partnership with Httpool will provide Opera Ads with extended support and local expertise for working with businesses.” said Per Wetterdal, VP of Global Business Development at Opera.

This partnership is an important step for Httpool in Southeast Asia. With offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong and India, Httpool provides brands and media agencies support, technology and access to its most relevant global and regional media partners in order to assure they achieve their business and marketing objectives. Adding Opera Ads to Httpool product mix will further strengthen its ability to support brands, agencies and advertisers with the best solutions and help them make the most of their digital campaigns.

New ways of simplifying engagement 

Opera Ads also features a series of new ad units that help online advertisers increase and simplify engagement with their target audiences maximising the performance of their digital marketing campaigns. These ad units connect seamlessly with apps and smartphone functionalities, removing the amount of clicks needed and improving the experience of both the advertiser and the user.

These ad units are automatically integrated with popular services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, allowing interaction through formats like USSD, SMS messaging, or via phone calls.

Opera Ads is designed to be the platform-of-choice for advertisers seeking the opportunity to reach a scaled and engaged audience in a highly transparent fashion across the fastest growing mobile digital markets.

Advertisers seeking further information about Opera Ads can send an email to: opera-ads@opera.com

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