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Orbbec Demonstrates the Future of Products Powered by Embedded 3D Cameras at CES

Company Showcases Smart Lock That Opens Doors Via Facial Recognition, Along with Retail/Restaurant Robots, Facial Recognition Payment Systems and More

Rilispedia.com – From robotics to AI, gaming to retail checkouts, the future depends on devices that can not only see objects and people, but also recognize them. Orbbec, one of the world’s largest 3D camera manufacturers, is demonstrating the implementation of its products and systems with those capabilities at 2020 CES, giving attendees a look at the next big advances in 3D-enabled technology.

Leading the lineup of products at the Orbbec exhibit is a new “smart lock” using facial recognition technology. The lock, perfect for business, home, or even hotel use, only needs one to two seconds of facial scanning with 3D camera to identify if someone is allowed inside without the need for keys. Employing a “live-ness detection algorithm,” the solution can prevent biometric spoofing and is capable of handling financial-grade security to ensure security and ease of use.

“The ability for AI-enabled robots and devices to both see and recognize the world around them is changing scores of industries,” noted David Chen, co-founder and director of engineering at Orbbec. “Smart home devices are an extremely hot topic at CES this year—and with this next generation smart lock, people will keep their homes more secure. It’s time to throw away the keychain and use your face to unlock your door.”

Thousands of Applications

Orbbec’s line of advanced 3D cameras enable a host of uses in both outdoor and indoor environments, from face identification and gesture recognition to three-dimensional measurement, SLAM (Simultaneous Location And Mapping), augmented reality, mobile and more. As a leading provider of 3D cameras, the company’s products are featured in solutions from thousands of companies globally.

Along with the smart lock, Orbbec has partnered with six different companies to showcase the abilities of embedded 3D cameras. Audiences at Orbbec’s CES exhibit will see:

  • A restaurant food service robot from Bear Robotics, using Orbbec’s Astra Mini camera to achieve SLAM.
  • An AR-enabled industrial training platform from Light Guide Systems, using Orbbec’s Astra Mini camera to provide workers a smarter environment by teaching critically needed skills.
  • An intelligent fall detection sensor for the elderly, in partnership with Cogvis and using Orbbec’s Astra Series camera, that calls for help in the event of a fall.
  • A picking robot from IAM Robotics that scans aisles, picking up or dropping off products using the Orbbec Astra S camera.
  • A smartphone from Oppo using a customized Orbbec 3D camera to achieve facial identification for unlocking the phone.
  • A self-checkout solution from Elo that uses an I-Series for Windows 2.0 device mounted on a Wallaby Self-Service Stand, as well as an ORBBEC 3D camera embedded as an Elo Edge Connect peripheral, for secure payments via facial recognition.
  • A people counting and motion tracking system using the world’s first camera-computer, the Orbbec Persee, to map foot traffic and provide a visual of overall customer behavior.

“Our robots operate in dynamic environments such as restaurants, casinos, universities, and senior care living facilities,” said Fangwei Li, co-founder and chief technology officer, Bear Robotics. “Orbbec’s 3D cameras and sensors are essential to our robot’s ability to perform complex navigation and obstacle avoidance in these environments.” 

Orbbec will be demonstrating use case and partner solutions employing its 3D camera technologies throughout 2020 CES from its exhibit at South Hall 1, Booth 21317 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. To learn more about Orbbec, check out www.orbbec3d.com.

“Manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, retail, supply chains, smart homes—Orbbec 3D cameras are serving these and many other industries,” stated Chen. “By offering the smallest, most accurate 3D cameras on the market, with a resolution and visual range that exceeds other cameras, our products are helping to change the way people live, work and play.”

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