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Orbit Brings Full Water Management With B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor

Helping homeowners be more water-wise through smart technology to avoid preventable and costly damage

Rilispedia.com –¬†Orbit, the leader in smart watering, today announced the release of the B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor. The new flood sensor gives consumers protection by immediately alerting homeowners if a leak is detected, which can prevent flooding or other water damage to the home.

“We’ve developed the B-hyve family of products using our 40 plus years of experience to fulfil our mission of providing smarter water control,” said chief executive officer Stuart Eyring. “Now with the B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor, we are giving consumers even more power in their water use along with a peace of mind by being better prepared to avoid unexpected and costly disasters.”

The B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor is compact and has a water-resistant design, making it extremely versatile. It can fit under most appliances, but is rugged enough to be placed in a window well or any other outdoor setting. The B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor can integrate with B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Timers and will stop all outdoor watering activities if the sensor detects any signs of flooding. It comes equipped with a replaceable battery that lasts more than one-year as well as a small lanyard, making it easy to remove and place in other locations. Other features include:

Immediate Flood Detection — The B-hyve Flood Sensor can detect water at only a few drops, preventing potential flood damage.

App and Audible Alerts — Connects to Wi-Fi allowing homeowners to be notified of leaks, flooding and freezing temperatures from anywhere on their phones. The sensor also has an audible alarm if homeowners aren’t close to their phones.

Smart Technology — Real-time cloud communication for updated settings, temperature readings, disconnection warnings, etc. Available with Wi-Fi hub that connects to your Flood Sensor device via Bluetooth.

Simple Tracking and Management — Through the app, users can easily manage their flood sensors by adding a picture and location to address any issues like low battery or help finding units.

Available starting early March 2020, Orbit will offer a starter pack that includes three Smart Flood Sensors and a hub at $99. The sensor and hub will also be sold separately. For more information or to find a retailer near you, visit bhyve.orbitonline.com.

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