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Phyn Expands Industry-Leading Intelligent Water Product Portfolio with Addition of Phyn XL 1.5″ and Phyn XL 2″ at CES 2020

Recently Launched Phyn Smart Water Assistant Wins Two CES Innovation Awards

Rilispedia.com – Phyn, the leader in intelligent water solutions, today announced its award-winning product portfolio will expand with the addition of the XL series, which includes the Phyn XL 1.5 and the Phyn XL 2 at CES 2020. Built on the best-in-class solution of the Phyn Plus, these two new products address the growing demand of water efficiency tools for commercial properties and extend Phyn’s sophisticated machine learning and water sensing technology to larger homes, new construction and light commercial properties with supply lines up to 2″.

Phyn’s robust product suite now offers a full range of leak detection and water monitoring solutions for every type of residence, ranging from the recently-launched DIY installed Phyn Smart Water Assistant to the professionally-installed Phyn Plus, Phyn XL 1.5″ and Phyn XL 2″.  All of the Phyn products work with the free Phyn app and can utilize the Phyn Dashboard, a web-based portal to monitor and manage multiple properties with Phyn devices. This presents significant opportunities for property and asset managers, homeowner associations, insurance companies, utilities and builders to mitigate their risk of expensive and time-consuming leaks, save on utility and operating costs, and better understand and manage water consumption on a larger scale. Additionally, the Phyn XL 1.5″ and Phyn XL 2″ offer ethernet connectivity in addition to WiFi for maximum flexibility.

“Today, water conservation and sustainability are a growing concern for everyone, especially property owners as it can directly impact budgets and bottom lines,” said Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. “At Phyn, we are on a mission to provide simple, intuitive tools that protect every type of property against water damage. The addition of Phyn XL 1.5″ and XL 2″ to our existing product line are a clear next step in our company’s dedication to providing best-in-class products for anyone who proactively seeks to monitor their water consumption and protect their investment.”

The commercial sector uses an estimated 10.2 billion gallons of water per day. Commercial facilities including offices and restaurants use a significant amount of water in their daily operations and carry high risk related to water damage. From the moment it is installed, Phyn measures microscopic changes in pressure – 240 times a second – to identify leaks, diagnose plumbing issues and monitor water use, automatically increasing the water efficiency of any residence or building. In a pilot program with the City of Santa Fe, local restaurants that were outfitted with Phyn Plus devices saw up to 25% in savings, with one restaurant reducing its water consumption by 40%.

Phyn XL 1.5″ and Phyn XL 2″ will be available in the second half of 2020. These new products offer the option to purchase the device with or without an integrated shutoff valve for properties primarily concerned with tracking and reducing water usage. With the addition of these products, Phyn now supports homes and commercial properties with supply lines ranging from 2″ on down. The company’s range of products include:

Phyn Smart Water Assistant

  • Easily installed under a single sink, the DIY Phyn Smart Water Assistant provides fixture-by-fixture consumption information and water monitoring for the entire home, alerting users within seconds of a leak being detected
  • Available now for $299 at Best Buy, Best Buy Canada and Phyn.com

Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff

  • Professionally installed on the main water line, Phyn Plus alerts users the second a leak is detected, mitigates costly damage through automatic shutoff, and diagnoses potential problems in a plumbing system before they become an issue
  • Compatible with pipes up to 1 ¼”; available now for $699 at Best Buy, Costco and Phyn.com

Phyn XL 1.5

  • Extends Phyn Plus’ advanced leak detection technology to larger residential properties and new construction
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Compatible with all pipe sizes below 1.5″; available summer 2020

Phyn XL 2″

  • Extends Phyn Plus’ advanced leak detection technology to light commercial properties including restaurants, retail, banks, etc.
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Compatible with all pipe sizes below 2″; available summer 2020

Phyn’s Smart Water Assistant is the recipient of two CES 2020 Innovation Awards for Smart Home and Tech For a Better World product categories. The device is also a finalist for the 20th annual Last Gadget Standing award, one of the longest running programs at CES. Phyn is exhibiting at CES at the Belkin International booth in LVCC, South Hall, Booth #30512.

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