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RB And Amazon Collaborate To Make It Easier For Households Throughout The U.S. To Keep Essentials Stocked

Exploring auto replenishment technologies for popular RB products such as Enfamil®, Finish®, Move Free® and Air Wick®

Rilispedia.com – Global health and hygiene company RB has good news for parents who have ever run out of infant formula just before mealtime or dishwashing tablets when there’s a full load ready and waiting to go. Today at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, RB announced it is working with Amazon to explore auto replenishment technologies for essential items—such as Enfamil® infant formula, Finish® dishwasher tablets, Move Free® joint health supplements and Air Wick® Essential Mist diffuser refills. The days of emergency trips to the supermarket will soon be gone, with families enjoying a seamless product experience and crossing off one more item from their shopping list for baby—before they run out!

“At RB, innovation is at the center of everything we do, so it’s especially exciting for us to be teaming up with Amazon to provide consumers with healthier lives and happier homes—on demand,” said Lynn Kenney, Head of Communications for RB North America. “Understanding people’s needs keeps us at the cutting edge of consumer health, and this collaboration between RB and Amazon is an example of how we’re always embracing the fusion of technology and creativity to make a difference in people’s lives.”

A few of the innovations in concept development for smart reorders through Amazon Dash Replenishment include the following. Visit the Amazon booth at CES to see the prototypes (Sands Expo, Venetian Ballroom C&D). 

  • Enfamil® Infant Formula: Many parents can relate to the predicament of running out of infant formula at least once during the feeding phase of their baby. The Enfamil® NeuroPro Never Run Out Pack is an essential upgrade for families. When the formula gets low, a smart reorder is automatically placed from amazon.com through Dash Replenishment, to ensure the next container of formula hits consumers’ doorsteps before it’s too late.
    Enfamil NeuroPro *Packaging prototype as of 01/07/2020
  • Finish® Dishwasher Tablets: Few things in a kitchen are as frustrating as the discovery that your dishwashing tablets ran out after the dishwasher is loaded and ready! With Finish®, there is no longer a need for the emergency trip to the supermarket—new Finish® with Connected Auto-Replenishment Packaging will regularly measure the amount of tablets contained inside. When detergent tablets are running low, Dash Replenishment will automatically reorder more, before you run out.
    Finish Quantum Smart *Packaging prototype as of 01/07/2020
  • SmartCap for Vitamins, Supplements and Medicine Bottles: People often forget to take their vitamins, supplements, or medicine as recommended or forget to get a refill on time. The RB solution is a new SmartCap, which identifies the opening and closing of the bottle and counts the pills in the bottle to monitor adherence. The SmartCap even reminds consumers to take their pills, such as Move Free®, through a flashing of the bottle cap! When levels get low, a smart reorder is automatically placed via Dash replenishment, to make sure refills are shipped in time for the next dose.
  • Air Wick® Essential Mist Bluetooth®: The new smart Air Wick® diffuser delivers ultimate fragrance control as consumers can customize their fragrance experience to get scent when they want it, how they want it. By downloading the ‘Air Wick’ app and connecting the diffuser via Bluetooth®, consumers can create scent schedules, adjust intensity, and sign up for smart reorders through Dash Replenishment, ensuring they never run out of their favorite fragrance.
    Essential Mist Bluetooth *Packaging prototype as of 01/07/2020

“Dash Replenishment is about making customers lives easier by eliminating those moments when you unexpectedly run out of an everyday essential,” said David Jackson, GM, Amazon Dash Replenishment. “With new features like low supply notifications from Alexa and smart reorders through Dash Replenishment, we’re able to offer customers even more convenient options to stay stocked on their favorite RB products.”

To learn more about Amazon Dash Replenishment, visit www.amazon.com/dash-replenishment. For other exciting consumer innovations from RB, visit www.rb.com/us.

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