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Reolink’s CES 2020 Showcase Will Include Advanced 4G LTE PT Camera and Innovative Spotlight Cameras

Rilispedia.com – Reolink, an innovator in smart home security solutions, will bring the cutting-edge Reolink Go PT 4G LTE pan-and-tilt battery camera, the Reolink Argus 3/Reolink Lumus smart spotlight security cameras, and its star collections, Argus series and E1 series, etc., to CES 2020 in Las Vegas, January 7-10.

CES attendees are invited to visit the Reolink booth and experience the latest smart home security cameras firsthand at Booth 43561, Hall A-D, Sands Expo.

Reolink will make the first-ever public launch of Reolink Go PT, a 100% wire-free, 4G LTE, pan-tilt, battery-powered security camera. As an upgraded version of Reolink Go,  Reolink Go PT packs the full set of features one would expect from a quality 4G LTE outdoor camera: stable 4G connectivity, flexible power options and 355-degree pan and 140-degree tilt.

With these nice-to-have features, this advanced battery and solar-powered 4G LTE camera can work perfectly where the internet, Wi-Fi or power supply may not reach and leaves no blind spots, with flawless rotation. 

Reolink will also highlight its leading-edge spotlight security cameras, Argus 3 (wire-free version) and Reolink Lumus (wired version, at CES 2020.

Users can expect these two innovative spotlight cameras to deliver nighttime videos with better image quality with starlight night vision and activate spotlights automatically to shed a bright light on their front yards and scare off intruders when the cameras detect any suspicious motion events.

Aside from the latest crop of smart security cameras above, Reolink’s showcase also includes its star smart home collections, Argus series and E1 series, flexible and portable security solutions for outdoors and indoors.

Reolink’s futuristic PoE/Wi-Fi IP security cameras are also among its exhibition. Featuring stunning 5MP/4K resolution and Google Home/Alexa integration,this upgraded IP camera lineup is a cut above the rest at prior CES events.

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