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Scaller and lightcraft to Represent Indonesia at Music Matters Live 2019 in Singapore

Scaller and lightcraft to Represent Indonesia at Music Matters Live 2019 in Singapore (kredit photo: facebook.com/MusicMatters2Me)
Scaller and lightcraft to Represent Indonesia at Music Matters Live 2019 in Singapore (kredit photo: facebook.com/MusicMatters2Me)

Rilispedia.com – Widely regarded as one of the leading music events in Asia, Music Matters Live is set to take place once more in Singapore. To be held from September 13-18, this will be the festival’s ninth year in Lion City. Internationally, however, Music Matters as a platform for industry players from across the globe to congregate and speak about various agenda is now in its 14th year running.

As part of the many programmes under All That Matters 2019 – a melting pot of an event comprising a number of developing creative economy sectors in Asia – Music Matters Live does not only consist of showcases by bands and musicians; it is also a networking occurrence that has proven its worth in gathering industry people to share their knowledge and experience, as well as providing an opportunity for future collaborations. And this is exactly what attracted Scaller and lightcraft to take part in Music Matters Live.

“At our first Music Matters in 2015, we were underprepared as we vaguely knew what to expect. We only knew that we were going to perform a few shows and attend the conference, so the only things that we brought were CDs and stickers. However, after the first day, we quickly realised where we went wrong. Although we managed to do our fair share of networking, we weren’t able to maximise our time there,” reminisces Imam Surataruna, the vocalist of lightcraft.

Despite their lack of groundwork, their participation still managed to open doors for lightcraft’s career as they continue to perform at many music festivals across the globe.

“We were introduced to a promoter from Taiwan, who would later take us on to play at a music festival over there. That was one of the many opportunities that we got from Music Matters, so I’d say that it has benefited us greatly,” he says.


Meanwhile, Reney Karamoy (guitarist/vocalist) from Scaller has an altogether different reason for wanting to take part in Music Matters Live. Since the beginning of 2019, the band have set their sights on expanding into international markets.

“We’ve thought about it since mid-2018 after discussing the possibility with a few friends of ours and looking at the significant continuing growth of our share audience from abroad,” explains the husband to Stella Gareth.

Reney also added that approximately 10per cent of Scaller’s audience at the time of writing come from the US, the UK, and Australia.

“In March, we got invited to perform at MUSEXPO 2019 in Burbank, California. We were under the impression that it could be our first step to enter the international market. Sadly, we weren’t able to fulfil the invitation as for one reason or another, our visa couldn’t be issued in time,” Reney elucidates.

Once a direct invitation from theorganisers behind Music Matters Live came around in July 2019, they didn’t think twice.

Besides the chance to introduce our music to a whole new audience, we’re also very excited with the prospect of meeting people from the music industry; to network and gain knowledge by attending the conference,” Reney remarks.


Imam from lightcraft also shares the same target. “This time around, especially with the experience that we’ve accumulated throughout the years, we’re more than ready. We’ve got our press packs all set, and we’re going to introduce and reintroduce ourselves to the people that we’ll meet over there, while also getting in touch again with old friends,” he says.

Scaller are scheduled to perform on September 13, 14, and 16 in different venues across Clarke Quay. Reney has also confirmed that the band are set to be interviewed by a few local media, along with an exclusive appearance for Apple Music.

Meanwhile,lightcraft will be performing on September 15, 16, and 17 at the Main Stage, Warehouse, and Le Noir respectively.