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Sensel Collaborates With Visionox To Highlight Next Generation Side-Sensing Demo Phone At CES

Sensel technology replaces buttons with force sensing multi-touch and haptics, unlocking groundbreaking mobile applications

Rilispedia.com – Sensel the company enhancing creativity, productivity and fun through better user interfaces, has integrated its Pressure Grid™ sensor array along the edges of a phone prototype. To help make this demonstration a reality, Sensel collaborated with Visionox Technology Inc. (Visonox), the world’s leading supplier of advanced displays. Sensel is unveiling this technology at CES 2020, and can be found in LVCC, South Hall 1 – 20935.

Sensel’s patented touch technology offers two functions in a single, ultra-thin sensor: position reporting with high accuracy, and force sensing with the ability to measure force from <1g to 5kg independently for each contact point. It can be integrated behind a flexible AMOLED display, a non-display touchpad, or any surface area where a hi-res force sensing experience should be desired.

To help unveil Sensel technology in a revolutionary side-sensing developer phone, Visionox provided a flexible AMOLED display module that curves around the edges. Sensel integrated its force sensing technology under the curved display, maximizing screen real estate while opening up a wide range of game-changing applications that CES attendees will get an exclusive first look at.

Applications and benefits of Sensel Technology include:

  • It knows the user’s intention: It accurately measures force and can distinguish if a user is simply holding their phone or is intentionally pressing on the edge.
  • It recognizes grip: The rich force image detects whether the user is holding the phone using their left hand, right hand or both hands. This allows the UI to accommodate the user – for example, changing the location of the keyboard or volume buttons.
  • It measures force: This ability allows buttons to respond differently based on the amount of force applied. For example, a camera button can have three different force levels – focus, shoot, and burst. Different haptic effects can be fired at each level.
  • It moves with the user: Because the positions of buttons are software controlled the buttons can move to different locations depending on how the user is holding the device (even upside down).
  • It works with gloves or in a pocket: Users can squeeze to silence their phone – whether it’s in their pocket or they’re wearing gloves.

“We use our phones constantly, but our interactions are almost entirely limited to the screen and a couple buttons along the edges,” said Sensel CEO and Co-founder Ilya Rosenberg. “At Sensel, we believe mobile devices should be able to capture the complete richness of human touch, not just on the screen, but on the sides and beyond. Ultimately, we teamed up with Visionox to create a developer phone that understands what people want to do based where they hold it, how hard they touch it, and more. That’s the future of touch interaction.”

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