• Custom 3D Printed Cobalt Chrome Prosthetic Knee Combined with Sensoria Health Patient Monitoring System Revolutionize Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Surgery
  • Remote Patient Rehab System Includes New Smart Knee Brace, Textile Pressure Sensor Infused Socks, Remote Monitoring Cloud & Mobile Apps
  • Reduces Rehab Time, Pain and Risk of Requiring Corrective Surgery

Rilispedia.comSensoria Health, the leading developer of Internet of Things (IoT) for the Human Body, Internet of Me (IoMe), and AI software solutions that improve patient’s lives, will be announcing next week at CES 2020 the first end-to-end knee replacement surgery experience,the Sensoria HealthRemote Patient Rehab System, featuring the new Sensoria Smart Knee Brace, Sensoria Sock v2.0 embedded with textile pressure sensors and Sensoria® Core microelectronics, Remote Monitoring Cloud and Mobile Apps. The Sensoria Health Rehab System monitors knee range of motion, patient balance, repetitions, adherence and other biometric and physiological parameters (i.e. KOOS score) proven to reduce rehab time, pain, risk of requiring additional corrective surgeries, and increase patient mobility.

Made of soft neoprene, the new Sensoria Health Smart Knee Brace can baseline the patient before surgery, and along with the washable smart socks, remotely monitors post-op rehab for optimal recovery time and results. Sensoria Health is exhibiting at CES 2020 at the Sands Eureka Park, Italian Pavilion Booth #52722 (stand #15).

By 2030, 11 Million Americans will Have Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery

According to the National Institutes of Health, at the end of this decade, by 2030, about 11 million Americans will have hip or knee replacement surgery, making them the nation’s most common elective surgical procedures. Researchers attribute the increase in joint replacement surgeries to aging baby boomers, higher rates of diagnosis, treatments for arthritis, demands for improved mobility, and younger individuals undergoing these procedures, coupled with improvements in life expectancy. Most patients will outlive their implants and require expensive revision surgeries. The majority of the individuals (70%) who have undergone total hip or knee replacement surgery are alive today.

“In 2020, one million Americans will go through Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery. We are excited to partner with REJOINT to provide our new Remote Patient Rehab System and help resolve a true quality of life issue. Up until now, TKR procedures did not offer personalization and were often subject to side effects, such as pain, re-hospitalization, and reduced patient mobility,” said Davide Vigano, CEO, Sensoria Health. “It is estimated that over 500,000 adults living with knee implants have undergone revision surgeries. Even as the number of knee replacements and corrective surgeries have increased, safety assurances to protect patients have remained limited. With Sensoria Health’s Remote Patient Rehab System, patients undergoing TKR surgery will have better surgical outcomes, shorter rehab and recovery times and a more vibrant life with less pain and increased mobility.”

Sensoria Health Remote Patient Rehab System Features:

  • Two Sensoria® Core IMU devices (accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer).
  • Sensoria Smart Brace made of soft neoprene and sturdy and yet light metal hinges.
  • Sensoria Smart socks and Sensoria® Core devices
  • Remote rehab monitoring and patient care mobile app.
  • Clinician dashboard to monitor patient adherence, rehab time, opioid use and pain.
  • System measures range of motion, repetitions, KOOS score, balance, activity and more.
  • Washable, rechargeable, and reusable.
  • Clinically tested and validated by Cleveland Clinic. 

Personalized Medicine Partnership with REJOINT for Prosthetic Knee Replacement

Sensoria Health is also announcing at CES 2020 a partnership with REJOINT, who is developing the first personalized prosthetic knee under an innovation grant by the European Commission. REJOINT and Sensoria Health will showcase and announce the first personalized 3D printed and personalized knee replacement prosthetic device at CES. Custom designed for each patient and made of cobalt chrome, the new implantable prosthetic device is developed with innovative Formula One Racing-derived additive manufacturing techniques, built in Bologna (Italy), close to the Ferrari and Lamborghini headquarters. The new prosthetic knee is undergoing clinical validation at Humanitas in Milan (Italy) by Prof. Maurilio Marcacci, and will be available in 2021 in Europe and the United States.

Each REJOINT knee will come bundled with the Sensoria Patient Rehab System to provide patients and clinicians and end-to-end personalized experience and reduce time to full recovery.

Software and Sensor Infused IoT Footwear, Apparel, & Accessories at CES

At CES, Sensoria Health will also be announcing availability of its unique healthcare SDK and IoMe device that can enable multiple clinical patient monitoring scenarios. The SDK includes a HIPAA compliant cloud system and Sensoria® Core mission-specific adapter designed to connect to sensor-infused footwear and garments.

Sensoria Health will be at CES 2020 in Las Vegas from January 7-10, 2020 at Booth #52722 Eureka Park, Sands, Italian Pavilion, Stand 15. To schedule press meetings at CES or for more information, contact: Karen Thomas/Eva Yutani, Thomas PR (631) 549-7575 kthomas@thomaspr.com or eyutani@thomaspr.com. Sensorial Health CES Booth Location Map (Italian Pavilion):  https://ces20.mapyourshow.com/8_0/floorplan/index.cfm?hallID=M&selectedBooth=booth~52722


The Sensoria Health Remote Patient Rehab System will be available Q2 2020 through medical professionals and online, with pricing to be determined. For more information about Sensoria Health, see the website: www.sensoriahealth.com.