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Sony Launches New Brand Campaign, “Boundless by Sony”

Digital content highlights how film, music and games creators are pushing boundaries and shaping the future using Sony’s technologies

Rilispedia.com – Sony Corporation has unveiled “Boundless by Sony,” a new digital brand campaign across multiple social media channels. This campaign is part of an ongoing strategy to highlight Sony’s unique relationship with creators and how they collaborate to bring together technology and entertainment; and inspire the next generation of young professionals and aspiring professional creators.

“Boundless by Sony,” which officially kicked off on January 7th, at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, underscores Sony’s commitment to “getting closer to creators” by creating and distributing digital content that showcases a variety of creators from the film, music and games businesses and how they are pushing boundaries and shaping the future using Sony’s technologies. The opening event, “Creators’ Night at CES,” featured Glenn Gainor, Head of Physical Production, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group; Mike Larson, Sound Engineer for Sony Music artist Pharrell Williams; and Cory Barlog, Writer / Director, Sony Interactive Entertainment, having a panel discussion on their work, technology, and the future of entertainment. The theme of the session was “Experience, Immersive, or Reality. Will border still exist?”. The three panelists discussed what the future of entertainment will look like with all the new technologies coming in, regardless of boundaries of industries. 

Speaking at the event, Mike Larson said, “The great thing about new technologies is that they keep you curious to new possibilities and open to discovery. As a creator, once you start feeling like you’re an expert you lose your edge. One of the most fun parts of the creative process for me is that it always feels fresh and new. You can feel scared and like it’s going to be terrible, but it turns out to be this thing that the audience really enjoys and means a lot to people.”

“This exciting new campaign further enhances Sony’s message of being a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology,” said Midori Tomita, VP in charge of Brand Communication, Sony Corporation. “We’re looking to increase engagement amongst young creatives across the different entertainment industries by capturing their interests and showcasing how Sony connects the vision of the technology to the vision of the creator.”

The campaign will run through March 2020 and features Kiersey Clemons and Sony Innovation Studios, revolutionary Point Cloud and Virtual Production Technology for Film and TV production, and other upcoming campaign content will be released at a later date.  

For more information and updates on the “Boundless by Sony” campaign, visit www.sony.com/boundless.  

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