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Sprint Unveils Certainty℠ Network Design Model To Unite Full Business Solution Portfolio

Intelligent Wireline Network Design Model Engineered for Enterprises; Brings Greater Reliability, Availability

Rilispedia.com – Sprint (NYSE:S) today announced the Certainty℠ network design model at CES 2020. Certainty℠ represents a fresh look for Sprint’s long-standing, award-winning wireline solutions portfolio. The new approach addresses the ever-changing demands of dynamic digital businesses by combining multi-layer network diversity to deliver an unprecedented 100% availability service level agreement (SLA). The announcement comes alongside a broader brand refresh of converged solutions for businesses which include Curiosity™ IoT, a fresh approach to IoT and Capability™, secure orchestrated solutions.

“Enterprises trust Sprint Business because of our ability to connect, manage and secure their people, places and things through just one point of contact,” said Mike Fitz, vice president of Sprint’s Global Wireline business. “Sprint’s distinctive Certainty℠ network design model takes the best network access types for a customer situation and creates a solution with 100% network availability – signaling to our customers that not only can they rely on Sprint’s wireline network, they can depend on it. Combined with Capability™ and Curiosity™ IoT, Sprint provides a secure, orchestrated ecosystem of solutions across the entire enterprise.”

Sprint Business meets the growing application demands and mission critical availability that businesses require – with Certainty℠. Sprint’s wireline backbone design helps ensure a high-performing network by avoiding congestion and enables Sprint to offer class of service at no extra charge. An access agnostic and independent approach allows Sprint to bridge diverse, heterogeneous networks – wireline, wireless, broadband, microwave or satellite – and turn them into a single-sourced, turnkey solution. This flexible network design ensures solutions align with customer-specific requirements in the most cost-effective manner and provides a future-proof network that can adjust based over time. This is Certainty℠.

Certainty℠ takes an intelligent approach to dynamic network design to help provide maximum network availability and application performance. Certainty℠ provides flexibility, visibility and unmatched support to ensure networks are adaptable and optimized as business needs change, without compromising security or performance. Plus the 100% availability SLA with up to 100% credits is designed to give businesses the confidence they need in their network. Sprint provides complete transparency into the health of each network with the Compass management portal. And the company’s comprehensive global account support ensures that customers enjoy in-region support.

Capability™, another new brand for Sprint Business, complements Certainty℠ and Curiosity™ highlighting how Sprint’s rich wireless, wireline and IoT capabilities are easily orchestrated, through just one Sprint team to positively transform entire enterprises. The convergence of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and the emergence of a new ecosystem economy is exposing businesses to new levels of change, complexity and competition. This demands new thinking about networks, collaboration, and communication and new ways to connect people, places and things to help businesses rise to the challenges.

  • Certainty℠ – Network Design Model. Dynamic digital businesses need dynamic networks, access diversity for 100% availability and WAN simplification, which all help businesses manage change, without the risks.
  • Capability™ – Secure, orchestrated solutions. Sprint’s new approach delivers the orchestration, the flexibility, the speed and above all, the security businesses need to flourish in the ecosystem economy.
  • Curiosity™ – A fresh approach to IoT. A dedicated, virtualized and distributed core network coupled with an operating system purpose-built for IoT – creating the most ideal conditions to deliver high bandwidth, low latency performance and high availability of critical data generated by IoT devices.

Discover more about Certainty℠, Capability™ and Curiosity™ at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.  Visit the Sprint meeting area at the ARIA Resort and Hotel. To schedule a briefing with a Sprint executive, please contact Sprint@godriven360.com.

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