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Taiwanese Innovative IP and AI Engineering Provider Mindtronic AI Launches AI Turnkey Solution for Automotive Industry

Rilispedia.com – Mindtronic AI and other notable homegrown startups led by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) are now showcasing their innovative solutions at CES 2020.

In 2017, Mindtronic AI set up offices in Austin (US), Taipei (Taiwan), and Shanghai (Mainland China). As an AI startup specializing in human-machine interaction, computer vision, and automotive applications, Mindtronic AI, whose R&D workers make up 95% of the total workforce, has positioned itself as an innovative IP provider. Committed to becoming the “ARM of the automotive industry,” Mindtronic AI has won three innovation awards at CES and the German Design Award since its establishment, demonstrating its outstanding capabilities in innovation.

“The Taiwanese manufacturing industry has long been dependent on the contract manufacturing business model characterized by low-profit margins. The tariff pressure from the US-China trade war has further compressed Taiwanese manufacturers’ profitability and room for development,” said the AI team at Mindtronic AI. “In fact, Taiwan should use the tremendous pool of talent it has to develop its own IP industry.”

Automotive applications (including smart vehicles and self-driving cars) and AIoT are recognized as two major driving forces for the market. With high hopes for these two trends, Mindtronic AI has gathered specialists in AI algorithms, systems, software, automotive applications, and hardware from around the world to develop innovative IPs and technology. “Once an IP is successfully developed and adopted, it can be applied to various applications and regions, thus facilitating the global deployment of AI,” said the team at Mindtronic AI.

Mindtronic AI is currently focused on three areas including ECU (Electronic Control Unit, also known as in-vehicle computers) integration, AI empowerment (application of AI in automobiles), and digital cockpit enhancement. In line with these applications, Mindtronic AI has launched an AI turnkey solution consisting of embedded DMS modules, AI digital cockpits, and UI/UX design.

Mindtronic AI also provides a stand-alone DMS module that has been validated in real automotive use cases and can be integrated with existing dashboards. Additionally, the company has developed an SDK compatible with any embedded hardware systems. In terms of AI digital cockpits, the company provides design services to integrate the embedded AI framework, model, and applications into a full- stack automotive hardware and software platform.

Mindtronic AI’s DMS modules target fleet management operations and OEM customers. With the integration of big data analytics, the modules can provide subscription-based predictive analytics services. For example, a fleet can analyze the driver’s behavior and provide the best solution for reducing energy consumption, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Mindtronic AI’s goal for 2020 is to create a semi-autonomous system that combines DMS and ADAS systems.

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