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The Fesco Group Announces Availability of Car and Driver’s Copilot Fatigue Monitor

New product is intended to avoid the effects of distracted and fatigued driving

Rilispedia.com – The Fesco Group, a leading manufacturer of branded consumer technology solutions, today announced the availability of its Car and Driver brand’s Copilot Fatigue Monitor at CES 2020. The Copilot will be available in February and uses cutting edge facial recognition technology to monitor eye, eyelid and head positioning, helping drivers stay attentive with loud, beeping alarms when distracted, texting and driving or beginning to fall asleep. This device has all the qualities of a great copilot, without being a backseat driver.

“With more than 43 percent of American drivers admitting to falling asleep on the road at some point, we know this is an important product to create safer roads and are excited to introduce the Copilot Fatigue Monitor at CES this year,” said Fesco Chief Operating Officer Raymond Levy. “Whether you are a ride-share driver, truck driver, someone who works the night shift or drives long distances frequently, the benefits of the Copilot are imperative to overall safety on the roads.”

Copilot is able to operate day and night, featuring pupil detection, head movement tracking, six non-contact IR LED and loud piercing alerts. A manual, mount, mini USB cable and car charger are included with the purchase of a Copilot. Unlike other monitors on the market, Copilot only alerts drivers when they’ve veered off course, rather than providing a regular beeping that could potentially distract drivers even more.

Copilot is available for $179.99 and can be purchased beginning in February at www.CarandDriverTech.com.

The Fesco Group is a company that is determined to find consumer solutions with a number of products created under their umbrella – including well-known consumer brands such as AtomXS Emergency Charger, Car & Driver, Chargeworx Mobile Accessories, Coby Audio, Eklectik Audio, Epilady, Go-Tough Mobile Accessories, Gourmia Kitchen Electrics, Jetson Electric Bikes and Slide Smart Watches.

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