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TriEye Wins CES 2020 Innovation Awards in Two Categories

Rilispedia.com – Israeli startup TriEye, whose Short-Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) sensing technology enables vision in adverse weather and night-time conditions, announced today it has won two CES 2020 Innovation Awards. Entries for this prestigious award were evaluated by a panel of industrial designers, independent engineers, and members of the tech media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting-edge electronic products.

The announcement was made during CES Unveiled New York, an invite-only tech event which provides a sneak peek into the products and trends expected at CES 2020. TriEye’s technology was selected as a recipient in the Embedded Technologies category, as well as Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation, based on its engineering, aesthetic and design qualities, user value, unique features and product innovation compared to other products on the market.

TriEye is breaking the status-quo of lidar, radar, and standard vision cameras with its CMOS-based SWIR camera. SWIR cameras have been used for decades by the Defense and Aerospace industries, but the technology was too expensive for mass-market applications. The company’s advanced nanophotonics research enables fabrication of a low-cost SWIR sensor at scale. It enables a mass-produced, small size, HD SWIR camera at 1000x lower cost than current technology. TriEye’s innovative SWIR technology can be harnessed to assist global OEMs and Tier 1s in solving the low visibility challenge and save lives on the road.

“CES is an amazing showcase of the future of mobility and we are honored to be recognized by technology experts from the CES Innovation Awards,” said Avi Bakal, CEO and Co-Founder of TriEye. “TriEye is committed to saving lives by reducing risks of car accidents in all weather and lighting conditions. We will continue to pave the way for the next generation of ADAS and AV functions with SWIR as a critical element in the necessary sensor fusion solution, enhancing vision at an affordable price”

“While TriEye’s primary target market is the automotive industry, its technology is highly applicable to a wide range of other sectors, including mobile, industrial, security and optical inspection,” said Ziv Livne, VP Product and Business Development of TriEye – “The company intends to address challenges and opportunities in these fields in the near future.”

In September 2019, TriEye also received the distinguished AutoSens 2019 Award, sponsored by Sony, for ‘Most Exciting Start-Up’, based on its relevance to market needs, unique product approach, and increased growth potential. In August 2019, TriEye announced the expansion of its Series A funding round led by Intel Capital, with the participation of Porsche Ventures, Marius Nacht and existing investor Grove Ventures.

TriEye will be exhibiting at CES in Tech West, Sands Expo – booth #51701 and will have an exclusive meeting space at the Westgate Hotel. TriEye’s products will also be on display at the Innovation Awards Showcase in the Venetian Ballroom, Sands/Venetian.

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