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VIZIO Overhauls Audio Lineup to Advance Industry-Leading Sound Quality and Unveils a Brand New Design Aesthetic

With auto-rotating height channels for Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® Content, the VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar leads VIZIO’s most immersive audio offering to date

Rilispedia.com – VIZIO, Inc., the #1 Sound Bar Brand in America1, today announces its most advanced sound bar lineup to date. Building on the company’s leading performance, ease-of-use, and value, VIZIO’s 2020 models include the all new VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar, along with new M-Series™ and V-Series™ sound bar lines pairing higher audio performance at every price point with a simple user interface and a minimalist yet soft and stylish industrial aesthetic.

The new lineup starts with the Elevate Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. A 5.1.4 channel system offering premium audio performance and an innovative design, the Elevate Sound Bar includes auto-rotating front upfiring speakers for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X content. The newly minted M-Series brings Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and the rich, clear sound of premium performance to a variety of accessible configurations. The fresh new V-Series rounds out the lineup and pairs sleek new designs with great sound for everyday listening. The 2020 models also offer a more intuitive user interface with select models receiving backlit remotes, better wireless connections through Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI inputs for added convenience, and HDMI 2.1 inputs with eARC support in premium models.   

“VIZIO isn’t resting on its industry leadership in audio; instead we’re making bold steps forward to continue to elevate the industry and improve the listening experience across the board. Today, we’re announcing the most competitive and immersive sound bar series we’ve ever launched,” said Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. “Not only do our sound bars bring a design and finish that stands out from the rest of the market, but we’re providing new levels of audio performance and ease-of-use to every price point.”

About the 2020 Lineup

The all-new VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar showcases a revolutionary design that works on its own, or docks seamlessly with VIZIO’s new OLED TV. The system features high-performance two-way left, center and right front speakers that utilize a separate tweeter for more clarity, along with dual-midbass drivers and passive radiators for improved low frequency impact. Add to this a wireless 8-inch subwoofer producing thunderous bass down to 30Hz, as well as two satellite surround speakers and four upfiring speakers and the system delivers a fully immersive Dolby Atmos and DTS:X experience. The 107dB of output allows the listener to clearly hear the deep roar of dragons and monsters, while the 18 total drivers reproduce the clarity of each drop of rain coming from all around. The design’s unique pair of patent-pending, high-performance upfiring channels in the bar remain front-facing to maximize sound quality for stereo and 5.1 content, but automatically rotate upward for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X-enabled content, delivering an unmatched audiophile experience in either position. The VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar delivers the absolute best in home audio within the convenient form factor of a sound bar.

The M-Series 5.1 Sound Bar and the M-Series 5.1.2 Sound Bar bring a spectacular Dolby Atmos and DTS:X cinematic experience to mid-range price-points. Both systems offer separate tweeters, mid-bass drivers and passive radiators for the front three channels, which improve clarity, dialogue intelligibility, and offer rich, full midtones. The 5.1 channel system utilizes a wireless subwoofer for powerful bass down to 45Hz and separate satellite speakers for enveloping immersive sound powered by Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The 5.1.2 system adds 2 upfiring speakers in the bar for overhead sounds that put the user in the middle of the action.

The new M-Series All-in-One Sound Bar is the perfect solution for any room with limited space for separate surround speakers or a subwoofer. Using DTS Virtual:X through high-performance two-way left and right channels, the system creates a virtualized immersive sound with deep bass created by the dual integrated subwoofers.

At VIZIO’s most affordable price point, the V-Series 2.1 Sound Bar delivers powerful sound with stereo speakers and a wireless subwoofer in a sleek aesthetic. The V-Series 5.1 Sound Bar adds a center channel for improved dialogue clarity, satellite surround channels for more enveloping surround sound, and a front surround mode that puts you right in the middle of your favorite movie, TV show, or song when you can’t place the surround channels behind you.

More Intuitive and Integrated

With this new generation of sound bars, VIZIO has also enhanced menu navigation, redesigned remotes to add backlit controls in premium models, and introduced multicolor input indicators to make the systems even easier to use.

In addition to providing instant feedback that improves the user experience, VIZIO’s 2020 V-Series and the M-Series All-in-One sound bars benefit from the convenience of HDMI connections with ARC (audio return channel) for routing audio signals through a TV, and CEC control so the customer can change the sound bar’s inputs or volume with their TV remote. The step-up audio performance in the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X-equipped M-Series and Elevate models is paired with HDMI 2.1 inputs, along with eARC support, which allows the TV to pass through the highest quality, uncompressed, lossless Dolby and DTS audio signals from eARC-supported sources.

VIZIO has made its smart home voice integrations more convenient as well with automatic signal detection and switching through the analog or Bluetooth inputs. This allows users to connect and talk to their voice assistant of choice (sold separately) and have the assistant respond through the sound bar regardless of the input in use. When an assistant is activated by voice command, the sound bar will automatically lower the volume of the current audio content and return it to the original volume once the interaction has ended. 


Pricing and availability for the 2020 lineup of VIZIO sound bars will be available closer to launch.

For more information visit, VIZIO.com/CESAudio.

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